10 thoughts on “The Massive Pom

  1. souphead

    oh i love that! the pom looks like it would be heavy, but so so fun.
    reminds me of the massive ear muffs i wanted last year, but they didn’t have a color i liked.

  2. Meg

    Missing shopping for Mighty Goods, are we?

    Don’t worry, your not the only one. I try not to cry myself to sleep when I think of Christmas shopping sans Maggie. I’m almost the most worried about what I’m going to GET. I don’t know how David’s going to cope, after 5 years of co-dependent shopping. Sigh.

    Pom hat! Yay!

  3. Liz

    I want to buy that and wear it to the movies, preferably one where I can sit in the back and block everyone’s view.

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