Mighty Summit

23rd September 2010

Last year, after the Broad Summit, the organizers got on the phone to talk about whether we wanted to do it again. We all had a great time, but of course it was a lot of work. Even though the event was a success none of us were sure we wanted to re-up.

We got to talking about why, because it didn’t make much sense, until we realized there had been no real intention behind the Broad Summit. We mostly just wanted to see if we could do it. Personally, I wanted to check “organize a retreat” off my Mighty Life List, provide a fun weekend for girls who have given each other lots of support through the years, and find out whether we could plan something on that scale without losing our shirts in the process (first-year events tend to lose money). Once the event was over, the general feeling among the organizers was sort of, “Check. Did it.”

We realized that if we were going to do the Summit again, we needed a stronger reason. At the time, my new emphasis was on my Mighty Life List — building my site around it, making my living from living my dreams, helping other people start thinking the same way. So we decided to change the name to Mighty Summit, and use the event as a way to encourage attendees to dream bigger.

We wanted to make the concept of goals explicit in the event to make it more meaningful for everyone. Boy did it ever.

This year, we asked attendees to write life lists and made sure everyone had copies of all the lists before they arrived. On the first day, I said that I’d had an amazing outpouring of support from all of you when I first posted my list. Many of you asked how you could help, offered to let me stay with you while I traveled, or to loan me something I needed to make my dreams go.

That experience made me realize how often our grandest dreams are someone else’s day to day life. You want to write a book? I’m a publisher! You want to go on a cruise? I’m the publicity director for a cruise line! At the Summit, we asked everyone to talk to one another about their lists, and see where we could help each other. Everyone got started on the little stuff right away.

Danielle taught Laura to knit.

Helen Jane taught us how to saber open a champagne bottle with a knife. (Holy crap, that is easy, you guys. Margaret made a video, so go watch and try it with a $5 bottle of Cava. You will feel superhuman.)

And lots of us posed for Karen‘s 1,000 portraits project.

On the third day, after we’d had a chance to get to know one another, we did a group meditation on our life lists over lunch. We asked everyone to choose five things they thought they could accomplish in the next year, and choose one area where they needed help.

We asked for little things, like help learning to use our cameras.

And huge things, like help starting foundations.

We had a chance to be vulnerable with each other.

To offer our own talents, and to lift each other up.

We talked about how all boats rise together in the tide, and what we could do to make that tide a little stronger.

As for me, I went into this year wondering if I wanted to do the Mighty Summit at all, and came out of it planning for next year before we’d even hugged everyone goodbye.

I made some great new friends, and learned a little bit about how powerful it can be to ask for help. And now I think it’s time to ask for help from all of you.

I will always love the intimacy of the Summit, but for me the Life List concept is much bigger than 14-room hotel. For a long time, I’ve been wanting a place for all of us to share our lists and help each other cross things off, but I’ve been a little perfectionist about it (imagine!), and needing things “just so” is keeping me from doing anything at all. Here are the three things I’m committing to:

1. Starting a real community.

I want: A place on Facebook where we can all start talking about what’s going on with our lists. What’s on them, what we need help with, how we can find each other geographically and start planning meetups.

I need help with: Advice on the best way to do this. I’m kind of stumbly with Facebook to say the least.

2. Giving everyone a simple way to track their Life Lists.

I want: A Facebook app that would give us an easy way to write our lists, cross things off, and link out to the info we’ve posted online — just like I do with my own list. I have some really specific ideas of how I want it to look and what I want it to do.

I need help with: The contact info for a smart app developer who has done this kind of thing with Facebook before.

3. A space for everyone.

I want: Sometime in the next year or so, I’d like to have a campout/meetup/conference open to everyone where we do the same kinds of things we do at the Summit, but on a larger, more-inclusive scale. The downside will be no free massages, the upside will be that everyone will be there.

I need help with: Getting you there. You should come.

146 thoughts on “Mighty Summit

  1. Stephanie

    I’m not much help with the first 2, but I’m ready to be there! I read about the Mighty Summit on A Practical Wedding and now on here, and it sounds like an amazing, inspiring, empowering, life-changing event. I may have to put attending onto my life list…
    Kudos on putting together such a fantastic summit. You are an inspiration, Maggie!

  2. Amy

    I love what this has done, and I found myself even more envious after reading all the accounts of the awesomeness. While I’m no Facebook wizard, I do use it professionally as part of my job, and I would love to help. As far as the getting me there, I’d definitely be interested! I’m not too far from you. Seriously, let me know if I can help.

  3. Jasmin

    you are Superwoman, I am convinced. unfortunately I’m not at all tech-savvy, but would absolutely love to attend #3. you name the time, place, and whether or not I need to bring my fishing pole.

  4. Kristina

    You did not mention that we get to see Hank in action in that video! That kid is the anti-birth control right there. In human form.

    In other news, I have read your website for so long, and it’s been so inspiring to see you do your thing, and inspiring others (including me) to do ours. Just – thank you. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  5. Kristen

    I’m all over facebook! You would just need to create a page for “Mighty Life Lists” and start inviting people to “Like” it. Once you like it, it shows up in your news feed with posts, and you can go to the page and see what everyone is doing. You would be an admin and I believe you can approve other people to admin as well if you needed help. And an app for the lists is such an amazing idea, but alas, I am not an app developer. I can’t wait to see what comes of this!

  6. Katie Jane

    Maggie, you are such an inspiration! My Life List has totally, well… changed my life. I recently got together with someone I’d never met before to help her cross off one of her tasks, and it was such a great experience. I am ready to do it again! We pretty much talked the whole time about the positive impact our lists have had on our lives, and what a role model you’ve been to us both, even though we’ve never met you. I really hope #3 happens, because I would LOVE to be a part of it.

  7. Jen

    I’m so excited you are planning something more inclusive. I am all over the be there part.
    I love that you’ve created a community where like minded people have been able to come together and find one another.

  8. Miss B

    I have to say, Boo!!! to the Facebook idea. Or at least, boo to that being the only place you’re going to spend energy pulling any of this together. I cannot be the only person in the world who is anti-Facebook (and all of that “social networking” sort of internet suchlike) and there is absolutely nothing in the world, no matter how spectacular, that could convince me to give in and have a Facebook account. Surely there must be other internet options for this kind of thing that don’t involve having to succumb to using Facebook (or things of that ilk). No?

  9. robyn

    my suggestion for the next year, everyone can come style meet-up? when you have it on the coasts, there’s a whole lot of us “in the middle” that have to spend lots and lots of money to get there. having it somewhere in the middle (even if that middle isn’t Omaha, like i’d love) might make it easier for more of us to not have to spend tons to get there.

    example? when i’ve looked into flying to the BlogHer conferences, unless they’re in Chicago i have to spend upwards of $600 to get a flight from Omaha to NYC or San Fran due to all the plane changes, etc.

    my 2 cents, before i say that this event will be a blasty-blast no matter what, and it’s my goal to be there!

  10. robyn

    i forgot to say – anyone that will want to learn to knit as part of their life lists? i’ll help them. in person at the next MS event, online via e-mail, in person here in Omaha. knitters rule!

  11. Susan

    I came home from last year’s Broad Summit feeling inspired; reading about this year’s Mighty Summit has me inspired all over again.

    Thanks, Maggie. So much.

  12. Maggie Mason

    Dana, where do you even get an ostrich egg?

    Amy, and Tori, I’ll send you guys notes.

    As for Facebook sucking, that’s why I’ve been avoiding it. But right now we’re doing things quick and dirty instead of obsessing about how much more perfect they could be. Because I could do that as an Olympic event if required.

    Kristen, I’d like it to do more than broadcast from the mount, I can already do that on the blog. Is it possible to organize it so that anyone can post, more like a message board?

    Katie Jane, I love it when people get together to help each other. I’d like to hear more when that happens. Send me a note and tell me what you guys did, it would be cool to tell everyone.

    Susan! Hi you.

  13. Catherine

    An inspiring weekend, by the sounds of it! And I intend to master the art of sabering champagne in time for my best friend’s hen party next January.

    In the spirit of inclusivity, though, I’ve got to agree with the anti-Facebook commenter above. I’d rather see something like this set up on the open web. I do love the TeuxDeux app – perhaps worth chatting to Tina at SwissMiss about a community version? Or the 43 Things folks?

  14. Meg

    Well I can help getting people there, for one. Obviously getting *me* there is such a non-issue it’s not worth mentioning ;) But earlier this week my ladies were talking about rolling up mini Mighty Summits into their regular book club meetups and helping each other with goals and support. What? I did not suggest this, for the record, that was all your inspiration boiling over.

    I kind of second the maybe-not-on-facebook idea. I’ve been running big groups for APW on Facebook, and it gets sort of tough. You have a really limited number of tools to use, and with too many people and too many ideas flowing, it gets really muddled and hard to find things. I’d push for an online forum, that you can tweak to your needs. Something like Ning, maybe. You could always have a Facebook page as well, or a Facebook page while you’re building something else. I just think another platform could be customized to be more functional. And if you need help with that, I’m there. I can’t program, but I’m a great project manager. Of course. ;)

    Plus, not to be all obvious, but you could monetize a private forum better… which means more money to make more dreams possible. Which is a very good thing.

  15. Sommar

    No to Facebook! It’s just not private enough. I have participated in a ning community and it is great! You basically create your own social network.


    In fast, talk to Andrea Scher (superhero designs) about how she uses it for her and Jen Lemon’s Mondo Beyondo classes/community. ( I think she was at the Summit?)

    I;d be happy to beta test things for you as well if you go that route.

  16. Sarah

    Man, I wanted to go to NYC to meet up with you and get inspired, but I didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger on that one. I’ll be coming to this for sure!

  17. Mrs. Kennedy

    You should check out what a beautiful job Mondo Beyondo did using Ning. it might be a much better option than Facebook, and there’s a ton of room for forums and keeping track of each other (I use Ning for NaBloPoMo, too).

    I’d definitely come to an open Summit. I like this new direction a lot.

  18. Maggie Mason

    I heard it’s impossible to get legacy info off of Ning if you ever want the community to live anywhere else. True? Also, maybe the same is true of Facebook?

  19. Meg

    Talk to Ariel. She has the OBB Bride forum on Ning. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to give you the scoop. I’m pretty sure there is no way to get legacy stuff of Facebook. It’s, achem, not the best tool, achem.

  20. r8chel

    While an all-inclusive Mighty Summit sounds great, I’d be a LOT more likely to attend some kind of Mini Mighty Summit. I’m imagining a whole bunch of little Mighty Summits all taking place on the same day in various cities across the country (or hey – around the world). I’d go to a Mini Mighty Summit: Philadelphia in a heartbeat.

    I’ve also tossed around the idea in my head of starting some kind of Mighty Group or Mighty Circle — a very local group of 6-8 people who can meet regularly throughout the year for encouragement, help, inspiration, etc with their life lists in hand. It would be a set, committed group, not a hey-whoever-wants-to-show-up kind of thing.

    And as much as I love and use Facebook, I’m squarely in the don’t-use-Facebook-please-use-Ning-or-something-better camp for idea #1. I know you’re wanting to do this quick and dirty, but I’d be more excited about a Mighty Forum that felt like a part of MightyGirl, not Facebook.

    And all this from someone who hasn’t even written her life list yet! Oops.

  21. Jen

    Ding dong! I will be working on my list and waiting for news. I would love to be there, and help in any way I can.


  22. Tina

    I have been working on my life list since stumbling on your blog. I can’t believe how HARD it has been to create. It got me really thinking about things in a deep way. (Occupational hazard….I’m a therapist). I am so inspired by others, but when it comes to my own life list, it just feels flat. I’d love any opportunity to work on that. I think about it a lot now!
    It looks like you and some of my other favorite blog authors had an awesome time.

  23. Jaime

    I love Erin’s face in the champagne photo! I also love the idea of being able to track things together on Facebook + an app? Awesome.

    & here’s to getting my shizz together to come next year.

  24. Katie

    I am coming to nth the “there’s gotta be a better place that Facebook” sentiment and suggest Ning. I did the Mondo Beyondo course, and while Ning isn’t perfect, it’s way way better (and way less evil-y) than Facebook.

    But I get it. If you want Just Do Something Already, and Facebook is the easiest place to get going, then rock on with it sister.

    Also, I’ve been waiting for you to announce a) a Life List online community, and b) a conference. It always seemed like these were the most logical next steps. As someone who is not a blogger, but has been so inspired by this life listyness, I am jumping up and down excited about the chance to finally be a part of the community.

    In short. I will be there. Oh yes I will.

  25. Megan

    I was just thinking yesterday about how it would be neat if you could see everyone’s lists in one place (rather than in silos on individual blogs), and I thought of a 43 Things-type application, too, so if you put something on your list, you could immediately connect with people anywhere who also want to do those things. Or, if you had help to offer, you could search for goals you could help with.

    By the way, I can’t help with any of the above (technology @#$@)! But just thought I’d share.

  26. Jen

    Maggie, I work for Arc90 in NYC and we’re a web design and development shop. (Actually, we did work with Bryan on Typekit for Readability earlier this year- weird!)

    We’d be more than happy to talk about how to get the FB tech side off the ground!

    Jen :)

  27. jenG

    As to #1, I’d also like to help. And you *can* set it up so anyone can post, or you can activate discussion boards. Facebook is dastardly, I’ll admit, but it’s effective as hell. If you want this to be bigger, and quick, that’ll do it.

    I don’t do #2, but I know peeps who do. There may be a more direct path through the peeps you already know, but my network’s yours if you need it.

    As to #3, helping you = crossing the added-yesterday “Attend a Mighty Summit” off my Life List. So, yay!

  28. Stephanie

    I was at one of the meet ups that Meg mentioned (hi, Meg!) and can confirm that the idea was organic so yes, even beyond the Mighty ladies who read the blog, the idea is there and I’m very excited about it.

    As for Facebook and Ning you’re right Maggie there isn’t a way to get info for individual users off of them. I work in the nonprofit sector and this is always a problem. But, it sounds like these might just be temporary solutions and if so, then Facebook the – free and easy option – might be the way to go. Especially since as JenG mentioned it has scale like crazy.

    Sorry not much info from me, but I’m more than willing to help in anyway possible. Oh and of course I would most definitely come to a summit!

  29. Asha {Parent Hacks}

    It’s courageous to publicly share your goals, even more so to openly ask for help. You are changing people’s lives in mighty ways, Maggie! Awesome to behold.

    So glad the summit was wonderful. Of course it was.

  30. Greta

    love the new direction! inclusive is a good thing. i second the idea of having it somewhere in the middle – Chicago might be a good medium. People can usually find reasonable airfares to there from anywhere. Now that I live near Cleveland, I’m so much more conscientous about how much it costs to fly when you don’t live near any hubs!

    Keep us posted on the public Mighty Summit, I’d love to attend – and I have a few skills to offer other life listers! :)

  31. Clarissa

    I can’t really help in any way, shape, or form, but I second all the excitement about the possibility of an inclusive gathering! I would be there in a heartbeat!

  32. Jeanette

    Hearing about this amazing summit actually brought happy tears to my eyes. I’m adding #3 to my life list pronto. I love the idea R@chel had about small Mighty Life groups in the style of a reading group. If anyone is interested in starting one with me in the DC area, let me know. (jaeelle72 at gmail)

  33. Jenny, Crash Test Mommy

    Instead of Facebook or Ning, you might look into using BuddyPress, it’s kind of a WordPress-based alternative to Ning. My understanding is that you can build the type of community you are talking about with a few clicks.

    I’ve used WordPress for 3 years; let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, should you decide to try BuddyPress.

  34. Nothing But Bonfires

    I’m married to a very dashing app developer who lives for doing number two. Whoa, that came out SO SUPER WRONG. SO WRONG SO WRONG. I meant that he lives for building apps….which was number two on your list. Okay, I’m going to stop typing.

  35. Margie

    I am adding “attend large scale life list summit-type gathering” to my list. Can’t wait to check it off! And wherever this quick community formation happens, I’ll be there. Thank you!

  36. Grace

    As if I wasn’t already enamored enough with you and with this idea.

    I can’t offer you help with either of the first two at this juncture–Facebook confuses and scares me. But #3? I’ll be there.

  37. mp

    I certainly don’t know the first thing about facebook pages or building apps, but I do know how to get on an airplane and meet up with some folk. You name the place. I’ll be there. If it’s going to be Greece, I’m gonna need fair warning :)

  38. Jen

    Maggie Mason, you’re such an inspiration.

    I’m totally stoked about brainstorming for getting us non-blogging folks involved.

    I can’t wait to participate.

  39. Sassafras Mama

    I love the Life List community idea but hope you’ll give a second thought to Facebook, a place that I don’t enjoy and won’t use. But many others might, which I totally get.

    I will do my best to join in on the retreat, however. And offer my pretty terrific backyard in the meantime.

  40. Maureen

    I can see how wanting to do “quick and dirty” might make Facebook seem appealing to get started. But it’s really, really *not* the Mighty brand.

  41. janie

    Yes! The life list has been transformative for me. It is becoming shoddy and worn because I bring it with me everywhere as I reminder that I am on a mission. I would love a community and retreat.

  42. Tina Winslow Hudson

    Hi longtime reader, first time poster. EEK. However, reading your needs on Facebook and Community, I’m was thinking if you aren’t tied to Facebook you could do much of want you want to do with WordPress/Buddypress which will let you build the community and find some great multi-user plugins to control and allow people to do their lists. I know with Buddypress you can have each user have a blog and assign plugins for the group which would allow users to build that going forward.

    I have extensive experience with WordPress/ Plugins and have built some with Buddypress.

    Just a thought. Then you can connect Facebook to the community and build both and use the promotion abilities. Just a thought.

    Good luck and hope you do a conference. Would love to attend.

  43. Roxanna

    I’m SO EXCITED about all of this — the tech stuff because it will make it easier to be more accountable and the bigger conference because that means alumni can go as well! How can I help? I’m pretty good with a glue gun…

  44. Rachel

    I don’t know about facebook apps, but there are iphone and android apps that would allow you to connect with your friends to share life lists.

    Also, there is mylifelist.org whose whole purpose is to facilitate the sharing of life lists in ways that seem similar to your vision. :-)

  45. Dana

    Whole Foods sells ostrich eggs. They’re massive. And beautiful. And every time my children see them they want to talk about them. I have no idea how to cook them but we’re going to figure it out. That’s why this life list is so awesome – I’m doing things I’ve always wanted and others I never knew I could!

  46. Misha

    I absolutely love that you are doing this. I wrote my life list last year and was shocked to realize I have already crossed about half a dozen things off without even “trying.” It made me realize what an influence it had on me just to live a different way altogether. In fact, my husband and I started a non-profit as a result of dreaming big (and me writing my list was a part of that), the charity was picked up on national news and our lives continue to change drastically as a result.

    A group of women I get together with are reading Art & Fear and L’Engle’s book about art (Walking on Water) and a whole bunch of these uber-talented women are doing creative projects (think: intimidating) as part of our get-together next month.

    I was seriously thinking of making my life-list (and how I am living it out) my “art project”. It has been so creative, forced me way outside of my fears, and actually changed how I live life and am raising my kids.

    Reading this just inspired me even more. Thank you so much for being such a positive catalyst. I love the direction you are going with this. I appreciate so much how you are encouraging women to partner in this.

    It’s beautiful.

  47. Elly

    There is an online place, but not on facebook (though I think you can link it to facebook?). It’s called 43 Things (http://www.43things.com/). It doesn’t have the same weight as a ‘life list’, but it is a place where you can check things off your list that you’ve done, cheer others on and see what everyone else is doing. Maybe that’s a good place to start, so you can see how it works and what not?

  48. Kristen

    On facebook, anyone who joins (or “likes”) the group can post on the wall. There is also a Discussions tab, if people prefer to keep a topic of conversation focused. Seems like it would suit your needs. I believe you can also keep these pages public, so people don’t necessarily need to join facebook to see them (but they wouldn’t be able to click through to a facebook member’s profile, depending on that member’s privacy settings.) You go here http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to create a facebook page, and here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=158272844419&v=wall&ref=search has more info. Feel free to email me if I can help any more!

  49. Mia

    Maggie, you, and all of the women who attended the summit, are such an inspiration. Just reading the attendee bios on the mightysummit web page inspired me to do more, try more and aim higher. I started writing my life list last April and just finished and published it last month. Number 100 was “Marry [my boyfriend’s name],” and well, he read it and, much to my surprise, 3 weeks later he proposed to me. The simple act of creating and publishing it has already led to so many great things for me. So thank you for that. I created a page on my tumblr for my list, and it can be found here: http://miaelizab.tumblr.com/lifelist

  50. CC

    I’m in! I’m good with Facebook, 43 Things, etc. If you need any help, let me know. You inspired me to write a life list and it’s changed my day to day life for the better! Yay Mighty Girl!

  51. Suse

    Never ever commented before but feel so strongly about not doing a Mighty Anything on evil, commercial, SO-NOT-PRIVATE, sketchy facebook that I wanted to say so. It somehow seems totally opposite of the Mighty spirit.

  52. Amanda

    Another “No Facebook” vote! I would love to be involved with something like this, but gave up Facebook four months ago. There has got to be way to start a community on this site that can bring people together for this.

    The Summit looks like it was amazing – I will definitely be trying the champagne trick!

  53. Stephanova

    I’ve also come to your blog through APW, and have been humming along this week thinking about how I could start a mini-summit here in Denver. And when I have been thinking about this, the more I think about how great it would be to have discussion prompts which could be something like the life lists, but Meg has also posted about some of the important discussions you all had– like, why do so many women undervalue what they are worth, dangit? These discussion topics could be mini assignments or something during the year to lead up to the summit. Anyway, I don’t have anything to offer in terms of your requests, EXCEPT that if you need a contact in Denver to help create and manage a mini-summit here, I can be a contact.

  54. Tammom

    I think a message board is a way better idea than a FB page – especially since the admin could set each person up with their own “topics” (life lists). There is a very good one (haven’t had it hacked yet, and have been using it for 10+ years) that is a mere $99, and I have the server to host it. Then, could just use FB & Twitter as social media outlets to add info about who has life lists and where, on the message boards. Also, folks could add pix of some of their accomplishments to share and get kudos from others.

    Of course, all sorts of other options open up in my geeky brain when thinking of these Mighty Summit ideas — such as a video site for life list accomplishments, web rings for those who have sites/blogs who want to join in and participate in sharing the fun, an advertising network specifically sponsored by those who sponsor people to complete their life lists, a database of people willing to help (individuals, companies, non-profits, etc.)…..I think the possibilities are endless in today’s social media and networking markets.

    Give me a shout if you’re interested in my assistance!

  55. Leigh Ann

    You can stay with me for Loy Kratong 2011. Bring friends…or Hank–Thais love adorable children. I live in Bangkok. I was Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand a decade ago and just moved back.
    Life list, check.

    Love, a reader in Thailand

  56. Amy

    Maggie, you can export from Ning (http://tinyurl.com/27eruh7). I’ve never done it, but they do say it’s possible. Ning isn’t free anymore, which is a huge bummer, but I think the independence (relative to facebook) and flexibility are worth it.

  57. Rebecca

    So incredibly inspiring! I’m going to pretend I was there and pick my five things to work on this year. And I would totally love to come to a summit!

    As for helping you reach your goals here. I’m not a FB programmer/expert, but I am a designer. So if you need help making a logo/graphics for the community, just let me know.

    I also have some experience using/customizing WordPress and maybe something like http://bbpress.org/ would work for a Life List forum?

  58. Lori

    Yes! You are amazing, and I would love to be able to be involved!

    Please start a Facebook group and a community website, and open the conference to the public. I think you will be amazed at how many people want to participate. Another idea, one that is doable – make an iphone app for mighty life lists! I’m always thinking of things to add to my life list while I am out and about, and currently am using swissmiss’s teuxdeux iphone app, which has a feature to make a “someday” list. A Life List app would be fun and functional!

    You go girl! We’ll be right behind you!

  59. Cindy

    I’d be there! Since my trip to New York, I’ve actually been tackling some of the little things on my list. There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t. Thinking about making cheese this weekend.

  60. Melinda

    I would love to be a part of this! New item on my life list: Save enough to afford to go to this Summit! A Facebook app would be amazing. So many of my friends are jumping on board with their lists and it would be great to have an easy place to share.

  61. Kristine

    This is a fantastic idea! You have been a huge inspiration for me. These goals, these life list items, they used to seem so impossible to attain. But you’ve made me realise how simple it all can be. I don’t know if I can help, but I definitely want to be a part of it all.

  62. Kayzie

    I’ve got your back on #3. I am so there, Maggie! I can help you get others there, too. Let’s go Mighty glamping! Or Mighty dude ranching! Or Mighty Ritzing!

    My husband and I have been making ‘big’ lists–goals that feel insurmountable–since we met and every six months or so, when we pull out the tattered list to add another item or two, we’re amazed at how many goals we’re able to cross off. Reading about your Mighty List inspired me to create my own record of the necessary dreams I’ve gathered throughout my life. It feels SO good to have it down on paper. Yes, paper. I’m not a blogger, but am contemplating starting one because Attend a Mighty Summit with Maggie is #47 on my list.

    Just yesterday I spoke with a friend about starting a life list group in our circle of friends (Great minds think alike, Rachel!). The idea of asking for help to reach one’s goals is new and scary to me, but it feels surprisingly empowering. Thank you for the inspiration, Maggie.

  63. sara

    I have had a life list for as long as I can remember. The first one I wrote was in purple pen in my diary when I was in sixth grade. It’s changed over the years, thank god, because some of those things my sixth grade self wanted were silly. But some of it has stayed the same.
    I can’t tell you how glad I am that you are working on a community that will help me dig in and really accomplish the things on my list. It’s time! Thanks for all that you!

  64. Kim

    I lack the tech skills to offer assistance with the first two items. However, I’m an event planner and would be happy to help with #3… gratis!

  65. Nora

    What a poignant post, thank you for sharing it. I find it hard sometimes to ask for help or even sharing my biggest, dreamiest goals. It’s nice to know that there are people all around us who can and want to help. I hope I’ll be able to attend one of your summits in the future.

  66. Sarahd

    Then pretty please hold the next Summit somewhere in the southeast? My life list has only 11 things on it so far. How sad is that? I’m working on it.

  67. Jessica

    Cannot help you on the Facebook front. However, I would love to attend a big summit. I would just hope for plenty of notice so we can make travel arrangements.

    What about a community section like Heather did on Dooce?

  68. Tami A

    Wow! What a weekend that must been! I’m also intrigued to know what Heather said. Maybe a foundation linked to PPD?
    I’m all for #3 and #1 of course, but I’m no help with that one, sorry. Name the date and place, I’ll be there. You’re such an inspiration. I’m adding another one to my Life List: meeting you!

  69. Andrea

    Thanks to you, I am starting my own blog with my life’s goals and 100 things to do. I realized that in order to reach awesome, I need to be proactive. I have so many goals and aspirations; I just need to act on them! And although you do not know me, you have been a great inspiration to take action by reading about your goals and actually accomplishing them. Thank you, Maggie, for helping me want to do better for me, my family, and my world.

  70. Jeannie

    Awesome! I am there – on Facebook and at the conference. Guess I better get going on my life list lest I feel out of place

  71. Alissa

    I too am in the anti-FB camp. I’ve been moving towards deleting my account for a while. I’d be much more likely to use something more private for my life list. My entire family, coworkers, classmates, etc, don’t need to know about some of the things on my list!

    I’d also like to nth mini-Mighty Summits. Living in the midwest as a graduate student, it’s unlikely I’ll make it to any coast anytime soon. But a summit, perhaps in a place like Chicago, I could drive to. And anyone wanting to learn how to juggle, I’d be willing to teach in person :)

  72. Megan

    Love it….thank you!

    I love facebook, but I do spend a lot of time managing my privacy settings even on individual posts. I think you would reach more people on FB, people who don’t follow you or certain other bloggers, people who had never dreamed of having a life list. But I agree with the other posters that FB does raise some privacy concerns.

  73. Michelle

    I’ll second Mrs Kennedy: I like this new direction a lot. None of my skills match your current needs, but when they do you can count on me!

  74. Kat

    I’m down to help with Facebook, if you need help managing a community or anything.

    I would also LOVE to come to a meet-up!

  75. Paige

    The stars, they are aligning. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote on Tara Austen’s blog this morning about being at your next summit, before I knew you would open it up to everyone:

    “Someday I will be sitting at the summit and we will laugh about this post. You will say “there was this crazy girl Paige, who put the world’s longest comment on my blog and told me she would be joining this group. And now here you are!”
    Full comment: http://teaandcookies.blogspot.com/2010/09/throwing-your-hat-into-ring.html

    About FB: When you create the Fanpage, make sure you allow for everyone’s comments to be visible on the wall. Some fanpages are set up so that only the owner’s comments show up on the main page and you have to click to another page to see other people’s wall posts. This does NOT feel like a community.

    Can’t wait to hear more details and I will help where ever I can and I also live in Northern California!

  76. Maggie

    Um, can I come too?

    Love the idea of mini mighty meetups and would love to see this take off in Chicago too! Chicago has such wonderful pockets of creative communities and it would be wonderful to see them all come together!

    *confession* I just stumbled on your blog today but I got super inspired and I’ve already started my list! This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  77. melissa

    I have to echo the ‘no facebook’ sentiments. I’m not even sure I’d belong at this thing you’re planning, but if it’s through facebook, I won’t use that either. Facebook makes me feel like I’m stalking my friends – so I quit nearly a year ago. I would recommend a new domain, and maybe something like drupal (even though I also hate that), joomla or something similarly boxed (perhaps this buddypress people are referring to, i’m unfamiliar) to build it and create users that can post and build pieces of it. I don’t know that I’d truly have time to help, but I could surely try (as a web developer).

    I also like the idea of mini mighty summit’s because it’d be easier for people to reach/participate. However that option removes the possibility of meeting Mighty Maggie herself and her super awesome mighty friends unless you live wherever her mini is. Disappointing, but doable.

  78. nelking

    ning is easy to set up. I think they’ve made moving it all easier when they decided to charge money for it. (or actually others, like posterous made it easy to move from ning)

    I pay $20 a month to keep my little neighborhood network up. Lots of ning experts out there who could probably help with a transition at some point.

  79. denise

    i’ve been trying to decide what to do for my 40th birthday in november and i think i will have a mighty lifelist party with 8-10 of my favorite ladies in louisville and nashville! i’ll let you know the results.

  80. denise

    i also agree that chicago would be a great place to have the conference. dallas is kind of central too, but it gets too hot there until late october.

  81. Sophia

    I am usually a lurker on your site, but this inspirational post required that I leave a comment.

    What a powerful and memorable weekend. It is so amazing when a group of people can come together, be open and vulnerable, and get so much support from others. I thinks it’s particularly powerful when it’s women, as some time women are the hardest on each other (e.g., critcal, catty, non-supportive, judgemental).

    Your three ideas sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to hear more about all of them.

    Based upon this post, I am giving myself one month make a solid stab at my own Mighty Life list and to post it to my own blog.

  82. darrah parker

    I have so loved reading about everybody’s experiences at the Summit and would love to get involved in some way. I’m all about going BIG this year and am ready to put my Life List into action. I spend a lot of time interacting with people online. One of the things on my list is to get out there and meet more like-minded people in “real life”.

    I love the idea of meet-ups in our own cities. It would be a great way to help our own communities cross items off their life lists. I live in Seattle. Let me know if there’s some way I can help!

  83. sarah besa

    i’m in!

    i’m so incredibly excited that you posted such an all-inclusive invitation to help individuals feel better, grow, learn something new, and give back to others.

    {you basically just gave the online community a license in ass-kickery and name-takery}

    *applause! applause!*

  84. tea_austen

    Magical Maggie, I’ve been waiting for you to bust out something like this. Hurrah, hurrah!

    I’ll help in any way possible, you know that. If you need a regional captain for Mighty Summit Northwest, I’m all yours.

  85. Laura Jane

    I love the idea of Mini Mighty Summits and am also on the anti-Facebook train. But with you as our fearless leader? I’ll do it.

    Speaking of Mighty Life Lists, I just crossed another item off my list. Last night I launched my blog! We’ve still got some kinks to work out but I am on my way!

  86. Meredith

    Thank you for inspiring a crazed shut in stay at home mom to dream big.

    Things I Long to do Before I Die.

    1. See a Moose.

    2. Ride in a Hotair Balloon

    3. Spend a Summer Perfecting Sand Castles

    4. Get Back Down to Pre-Baby Weight (preferably before I turn 30)

    5. Ride a Boat From One Continent to Another (preferably not a cruise ship)

    6. See a Musical on Broadway from great seats.

    7. Meet Ellen, and have her find me delightful.

    8. Have my own room/space/hut to create art or walk around with out pants on in.

    9. Catch a fly ball at Fenway with out cringeing like a girl.

    10. Dive from a high dive with out injuring myself, (or losing my bathing suit).

    11. Do yoga on the beach at sunrise with out feeling foolish

    12. Ride a motorcycle by my self.

    13. Learn enough woodworking to build my own furniture

    14. Glass blow my own vase.

    15. Build a working art carosel.

    And many more things I haven’t thought of yet.

  87. yellowchunkymonkey

    Have you checked out dayzeroproject.com? It was started a while ago in New Zealand. It looks similar to what you are describing.

  88. Caley Concannon

    Mighty summit sounds like a blast! I’m a new reader to your website, but my husband and I created a combined life list a few weeks before our wedding (at the beginning of September). As a wedding present to him, I turned the list into a book for us to track our progress.

    Anyway! My husband (apeofsteel.com) is a “software guy” and experienced at creating facebook apps. He created one to cheat at scrabble. Hehe. Oh, we’re also in Berkeley. =)

  89. Christian

    I am so glad you are realizing this dream! You have helped my life so much, through your inspiration to create a Life List of my own. I am amazed at how, once I made the list, things started to “appear” that I needed to see, have, or know to accomplish items on my list. I am not on Facebook, but would love any chance to participate in the expansion of the Mighty Work. I would also love to see you write a book featuring women who have accomplished a Life List goal. I picture a beautiful picture taking up one whole page, and the story on the other side. Like an inspirational coffee table book. This is because I love reading other’s lists that have linked here before, and I always wonder about the story behind the story. And I love pretty books and your writing.

  90. ws

    Can I ask an unrelated question? How do you deal with it when you want to have a gathering like this, that is open to your community of blogger friends, and you discover that there’s someone in the group that is annoying. I’m not saying one of your participants is or was annoying, I don’t even know who they were.

    But I have plenty of friends and sometimes in a group, especially in group of smart, expressive women, there’s just sometimes that person there that you think “Oh God, this would be perfect if this person weren’t so grating/aggressive/combative/phony/irritating/controlling/insert your bugbear here in her own inimitable and predictable fashion.”

    Or what if you worry that you are that person? That at least one person is like “Oh no. So-and-so is here. So-and-so makes me crazy with annoyance.”

    Maybe someday you can address something like this? Or maybe you’re ready to like everyone and I’m just looking for pet hatreds? I swear I am not a horrible person.

  91. Chelsey

    Thank you for considering doing this Mighty Summit on a larger scale. I hadn’t realized how much I want to be a part of a community like that until I read your words…and then it made me cry.

    I live in St. Louis, MO, but if there is anything I can do to help make this happen, I would love to help. In fact, that might make it on my list.

  92. Allison

    I would love to participate in this, but I want to ask you to reconsider the facebook aspect of this. I am an avid user of FB, but I am not comfortable with their frequently-changing privacy settings, and not having control over what others may inadvertently have access to. Also, wouldn’t using FB as the main tool dilute the brand?

  93. Amy

    Hi, I came from Meg’s site where she so movingly wrote about the summit and how incredible it was to meet with an awesome group of women. And while I am the total opposite of crafty, I am ridiculously organized and good at making spreadsheets and lists and things of that nature. I also plan and execute large conferences for work – so if you need help with #3 please let me know! I have a pretty good idea of the logistics that go into planning for 300 (or more) people to show up at one place and knowing what to do with them ;)

  94. Anna

    I’ll be there! I think you have already created a wonderful community of women you have inspired.

    For some ideas on your app, I would check out http://dayzeroproject.com/. This is where I got the idea to create my list and it has lots of fun functionality.

    Thank you again for all that you have done. And keep asking for help! We will be here.

  95. JaneGassner

    Maggie–Heard about this from Helen Jane, and it stopped my breath for a while, I was that excited. I’d definitely be there for #3, and if there are any other ways I can be involved, count me in. The idea for a list scares me which excites me which means I’ve got to do it. Are we to send them to you??? Or post them on our blogs? And can they be on-going?

  96. Jamie Baird

    Is anyone in Houston interested in starting a Mighty Group/Mighty Circle like Rachel mentioned above? I don’t blog, just lurk, but I would definitely like to be a part of a group in Houston. I’ve started sending out emails to a few friends but I thought I would check in here and see if anyone is already doing something.

  97. sugarleg

    thank you Maggie, THANK YOU. remind me sometime to tell you about the time I was standing behind you at Radiohead at Outside Lands… ;-)

    ditto to most of the FB comments, that ultimately it might not be the best “host” for the lists. however, it is down and dirty and will surely blow-up quick! I say do it, and then work on non-FB solution. people will follow, not to worry.

    I know there is a lot of other back-end technical mumbo jumbo to care about, but I say, go ahead and make the FB Page at least.

  98. Leann

    Facebook! Great idea. I would like to see some kind of app that we could get in the iTunes App store, or a Droid store that would upload to FB (like the Blackberry mobile FB app).

  99. deb

    Maggie– where are the cute, colorful flats from everyone seems to be wearing? Sorry if I missed this detail in an earlier post, but man they are adorable. Thanks.

  100. Beth

    I did a “30 Before 30” list a few years back and really enjoyed it. I didn’t get to cross everything off, but I felt good about what I did.

    A life list scares me, in a good way. I’m doing a lot of existing instead of living at the moment…the existing is good, but I would like to be someone who my baby girl will be proud of one day.

    Now, I just have to decide what I want to do!

  101. Susanne

    What a coincidence that I tripped into this blog (via ‘Teandcookies’ and ‘knitting40shadesofgreen’ blogs) as I was just thinking this morning I should write a life list. I am 53 and at a point where I do not know exactly what I want anymore. I have so many ideas but not the confidence to start anything. Making a list and crossing off an item would be so satisfying. You are a mighty girl and thank you for the push to a first step of many.

  102. Sit At My Table

    Maggie, I love this. And I love you a little bit too. Forgive me, I know we’ve never met– but we will. And I can only help with #3, but BOY HOWDY can I help.

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