13 thoughts on “I Got New Glasses

  1. Leah

    for reason, weird teeth things make me feel squicky. so I’ll just move on to the glasses, which I love. Awesome enough to distract me from the teeth for awhile. Then again, I’m biased — I have a deep and abiding love of tortiseshell. I’ve owned 3 pairs of tortiseshell glasses. I also love the shaping of these.

  2. steph

    you have a little something on your tooth. yeah, right… there. Yeah, you got it. OK.

    So the glasses are nice.

  3. Nancy R

    Nice glasses.

    I’ve got a the perfect navy blue mechanic’s jumpsuit and coordinating trucker hat that would make a smashing Halloween costume with those teeth. The jumpsuit really needs a name patch to make it complete though.

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