Packing Light: CMSummit, Day 3

This little red dress is one of those outfits guaranteed to make you feel happy. I got it at H&M for ten bucks. When saw the price tag, I think I may have howled at the sky in triumph. It’s poly-so it packs like a dream, even with all the ruffles.

In the morning I set out on a long walk in my sneakers and dress. It turns out the men of New York are very verbal about their appreciation for red dresses. My favorite exchange:

-That’s a real pretty red dress.
-You gotta get yourself some nice stilettos to go with it though.
-Why don’t you get some stilettos to go with yours?

The jacket is also H&M, my shoes are Puma. It was sunny and warm when I started out, and pouring by the time I arrived. I bought this umbrella along the way.

Here’s a blurry close-up of the shoes. I wasn’t sober when I took it, and I had just spilled bourbon on them. Sorry, shoes.

I wore this into Brooklyn for drinks, and it was also my traveling outfit for the next day. The shirt is Old Navy, the Jeans are Express, and my scarf is vintage.

The only thing I packed that I didn’t need on this trip was a cotton robe to use on treks to the communal bathroom at the Jane Hotel (they had robes in the room). I wore a cotton knit sundress to bed, in keeping with my philosophy of packing double-duty jammies in case I need an extra outfit.

Turns out it’s way, way easier to pack for New York in Spring than in Winter. I can’t wait for summer trips when you can take three weeks worth of clothing in a carryon.

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