Packing Light: CM Summit, Day 2

Hey Laura, let’s take a moment to pause in the scenic parking lot outside our hotel at 2 a.m. because I forgot to take a picture of my outfit today.

Excellent. The jacket is thrifted, the purse is vintage, the expression is happy exhaustion. In real life, the blues are a little more harmonious than they appear under the parking lot spotlights.

This dress is a new favorite. I just picked it up at a vintage shop, and it fit like this right off the rack. Bam! it also rolls up into a little ball for packing and doesn’t wrinkle. Pow! Sock! Tights are from Target, and the little thing on my shoulder is a Fitbit. It’s like a pedometer that makes out with the Internet.

My shoes are also Target, and the pink purse has snaps on the side that let you make it clutch-sized, or larger like I have it here. My bracelet is from a museum shop in Buenos Aires, and so I especially enjoy it when people ask me where I got it.

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