They Come with an Invisible Plane and a Lasso

26th April 2010

I love the idea of these kitschy transparent boots, but reviews say they’re poorly made. Still, I’ve fallen for the smokey ones:

If I didn’t mind visible, condensed sweat beading inside my shoes, I’d be all over those suckers. Ah well.

12 thoughts on “They Come with an Invisible Plane and a Lasso

  1. Martha

    I got a pair of ballet flats like the smoky ones at Walmart last summer for $3. I love them! I wore them all summer. Sometimes they get a little sweaty but they are remarkably comfortable. I’m not sure about a boot version though.

  2. Megan

    Hmm. But they do cover the toes, which would be the squidgiest sweaty part in my mind. I’d never have thought of it, but maybe you’re onto to something interesting. Shortlived perhaps, but still…hmm.

  3. Bachelor Girl

    You’re so much more practical than I am, Maggie. I would’ve bought them without giving the “Plastic Boot + My Leg = Greenhouse Effect” conundrum a single thought.

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