20 thoughts on “Banana the Kid

  1. I wish you could see the look on my face right now . . . . after watching that whole thing . . . . there are no words . . . .


  2. I think that kid is cute as buttons and should continue to give private concerts as long as that banana holds out. However, and I hate to be a downer, I agree that there will be some retaliation. How old is this little guy? Seven? His parents put it online hoping it would go viral and they’d have their 15 minutes (which people parlay into much more nowadays), right? I don’t like it.


  3. Retaliation, really? This kid is incredible, and I am in love with him. He has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. His parents clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, and it looks like they’re teaching Timmy the same values. High five, little dude. You make me super happy.


  4. I really wish he had an outfit truly worthy of his performance, but I guess the Mickey Mouse jammies have a certain je nai sais quoi akin to the Gaga Kermit outfit.


  5. As I was watching this, I realized Mary Poppins would have told me “Close your mouth [Jenn], we are not codfish.”
    Great snaps, great energy, shocking spectical.


  6. I don’t think Timmy will retaliate, because this was clearly Timmy’s idea. He’s all “Geez, Mom, don’t ruin my video!” I am sure Gaga herself would LOVE this little monster.


  7. I DO love Timmy, and his energy, and enthusiasm. And I freely admit that my husband and I will be randomly snapping and singing “Don’t want a bedroom ants” ALL. DAY. LONG. (bedroom ants, that is what he’s saying, right? 😉 ) BUT….and this is a huge BUT…
    I really think, perhaps, this video would be better suited to a FAMILY ONLY viewing party, and not, say, world-wide exposure. One day Timmy won’t be an adorably enthusiastic 7 year old Gaga fan. One day he’ll be a teenager getting tormented over this video (which so helpfully states his full name). One day he’ll be fresh out of college, interviewing for the big dream job, and his potential employers will say, “So, Tim, we googled your name, as we do with all applicants, and we just have one question…are you the Lady Gaga Banana Kid?” Sure, there are volumes of embarrassing videos from my youth, but they are safely stored in my parents basement, not uploaded to the internet.

    And also, Timmy’s mom needs to buy him new pajamas. Those are SO last year.


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