Lifescoop: 4 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Office

8th March 2010

I rent a little writing office, and as you probably know I recently acquired an office mate. She was all set to move in when I realized I was embarrassed to have anyone see my workspace, let alone share it. At the time, it was a barren closet packed with boxes and junk I’d dragged in from the car.

Together we’ve been revamping, and slowly the storage closet is turning into a jewel box. Here’s what I’ve learned about making an office into an inspiring space.

1. Take good care of yourself.

It’s tough for an office to be inspiring if it’s not physically comfortable. Read more of 4 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Office.

6 thoughts on “Lifescoop: 4 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Office

  1. denise

    hi maggie,

    i just created an entire blog devoted to my lifelist and starting a new live in louisville. the list is too huge to post, so i’m writing about each item one post at a time. hope you enjoy.

    hope you enjoy!

  2. Tracy

    Definitely doing the inspirational board. Will help tremendously in making a success. Requesting pics too please.

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