Hank is Three!

11th February 2010


Hank turned three today. He loves trains, and chocolate, and fire truck sirens. When he sees a new person he says, “Oh, hello friend.” He sometimes closes his eyes when he walks down stairs. If he hurts someone by accident, he kisses it better. He loves to run, and if both Bryan and I are holding his hands, he lifts his feet so we have to swing him. We go to the Academy of Sciences to visit the Daddy Fish, the Conservatory of Flowers for the train exhibit, the Japanese Tea garden for the stairs and the “fishy playground” koi ponds, and the toy store — which he requests by saying “Could we go to the toy store? It is open.” When I drop him off at day care, he finds a friend to hug, then all the kids come for a hug. Sometimes I get one too.

Happy Birthday, little Hank. I sure do like you.

42 thoughts on “Hank is Three!

  1. Jami

    What a treasure! Happy Birthday to you, Hank! And good job, mom and dad. You are making the world a much happier place for the rest of us :)

  2. meg

    Happy Birthday Hank!!! I think the toy store being open is an excellent reason to visit it.

    And THREE Maggie???? THREE???? What are you doing to the water over in your part of town? Because wasn’t it just yesterday, or maybe not quite a year ago when you had your baby shower and then had your baby?

  3. NicoleT

    I love his line for meeting new people – “Oh, hello friend.” If only everyone was that open to making new friends, the world would be a much better place.

  4. Manders

    The world needs more friendly huggers (of the non-creepy variety…) that have excellent taste in ice cream (chocolate soft serve = WIN). Happy birthday, Mr. Hank.

  5. aarwenn

    Happy Birthday, Hank! And Maggie, we haven’t met IRL but I swear I saw you and Hank on a Seattle neighborhood corner just a few days ago. On closer inspection, I concluded it probably wasn’t you–the little man seemed too tall for three. But it was a nice-looking, very well-dressed woman with red curly hair, holding the hand of a blonde little man with big curls. You have a doppelganger–or rather a set of them–up here in the Rainy North. :)

  6. Sara

    Happy Birthday, Hank!
    I was pregnant with my wee one when you gave birth to Hank, and I was living vicariously through you those first few months. Your journey helped me envision my own. Now I can’t believe how we’ve all grown and how damn cute Mr Henry Mason still is. Happy Birthday to all three of you! XOXO

  7. Jan

    That post just pegged my awww-meter. Love how you describe him with his everyday traits and behaviors — isn’t that what makes who we are anyway, instead of singular accomplishments? Keep that up every year and he’ll have a wonderful record of his growing up.

    But now I simply must say, “THREE???” I think I discovered your blog back when he was still getting around on all fours and, if asked, I’d have sworn that was, like, last year! Gorgeous kid, great post!

  8. Pammer

    I think 3s have built-in ‘swing’ and ‘hug’ gene triggers. I wish they stuck around longer in life. Happy birthday to a charming little man!

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