9 thoughts on “Inspired by Doilies

  1. Nicole

    My house is littered with them . . . and I’m only 33! But my mom is a crocheting fool, hence the doily overload – and luckily they go well in my house (a 1930 cottage). I love love love them – big pineapples to lacy squares, I’ll take ’em all!

  2. Jen

    Man, I tried to buy some doilies this weekend to make Valentines and it appears Brooklyn is fresh out.

    I considered making some and started cutting… then I realized I was making snowflakes. Which is, you know, also February-ish.

  3. kristen

    I love doilies so much I made a short horror movie about them. It was meant to come off as a Tales from the Darkside episode that never was… kind of teasing doily lovers, or the stereotype of doily lovers… but while shopping for doilies to use in the film, I became infatuated. There’s a woman at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market who has an entire tent full of them. The craftsmanship and delicacy is so beautiful. I think several of them, framed, could make a great wall collage.

  4. Megan

    Doilies are bound to be the new knitting. I’ll see 20-something-year-old women making them on the train on the way to work any day now.

  5. theambershow

    Jen, try Fiber Notion or Seventh Avenue Art Supplies if you’re near Park Slope. There’s also an art store called the Artful Place on 5th Avenue, but I doubt they’ll have them. Worth a phone call.

    I like dollies, too! My grandma still has a few around the house.

  6. jill

    Ohhh how I too love doilies. I try and find them each year at Christmas (I’ve been successful at the Party Store as of late) to cut the middles out and tape the outer edges together at their edges to make garland for our Christmas tree. Ahhh, so pretty, just like my mama used to do on her trees.

    Thanks for spiriting the Doilie!!

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