Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 1


This is our very dear and seriously adorable friend Rachel. Rae and I were roomies for just before Bryan and I got engaged, and fortunately for me, she’s not the sort to leave passive aggressive notes on the fridge. She’s more the subtly witty friend who never seems all that funny until you’re spraying red wine out your nose for the third time in a night. Ow.


Bryan strong-armed Rachel into becoming one of Adaptive Path’s first employees years ago, and she’s still there. I have no idea how to describe her job. She’s sort of their resident empath — advisor, bellwether, able to predict whether new policies will make everyone feel vengeful and quitty, etcetera. Rachel is the sort of person in whom it is wise to confide. She’s also a sharp dresser, and that’s really why we’re all here.


The office is casual, and Rae never looks like she’s trying too hard, which fascinates me. It’s easy to look good when you’re dressed up, harder to feel cute when you’re just going about your day, you know? This is the type of thing she’d wear to work if she had plans to head out afterward. (Like I said, the office is casual.) Her jacket is by Plus Four.


For me, good casual dressing requires a lot more effort, or more money than I want to spend on the perfect T-shirt, but Rae always seems to have pulled something over her head and tumbled out into the world looking stylish. Her dress is American Apparel.


Rae is naturally a wee tiny person, and she’s also a vegetarian who bikes everywhere — hence the ability to wear anything made by American Apparel. Her petite frame can be a big challenge when she’s looking for clothes, because she either has to shop at Gymboree or have everything tailored. Her red belt is a Goodwill score.


Her shoes are by Me Too. Rachel refuses to wear uncomfortable shoes, and more than once I’ve had to pep talk her through buying a pair of pumps for a wedding or whatnot. She’s become more open to heels over the years, but she’d like you to note that these are comfortable flats with nice, bouncy rubber soles. Noted.


She got the necklace second hand at Buffalo Exchange and the bangles were a gift from a friend who got them in Vietnam. Rae has very little jewelry, so what she does have is in heavy rotation.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a look at a work outfit for when clients are in the office.

26 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 1

  1. So cute!
    Me Too flats have become my favorite – I have high arches and they are bouncy and comfy enough to walk for miles without driving me crazy. Also, I have that dress from AA, but it’s more of a tunic on me – looks so, so cute on her with that red belt!


  2. Maggie, I thought this statement was so true, “It’s easy to look good when you’re dressed up, harder to feel cute when you’re just going about your day.” I usually go with jeans and a t-shirt of some sort during the weekends, but I want to look more pulled together and polished without spending lots of money. Looking forward to the next installment!


  3. I’m a firm believer in only buying comfortable shoes! And there ARE comfortable pumps/heels out there, trust me. Or look for me, I’m the one walking laps around DSW because you have to be SURE.


  4. Agree with Lydia. I’m afraid of the day I no longer have pencil skirts to guide me (and can I still wear them).

    Other thoughts:
    1) She clearly needs to divulge her hairdresser (though I am loyal to mine, others might not be)
    2) I want her job, I think. So cool.
    3) Did Bryan help found Adaptive Path? I already want to sit down and quiz that man about his from theatre to politics to entrepreneurship resume (those of us who started in professional theatre in NYC are few and far between, and there are two of us in our two person SF household) but now I think I might think he’s cooler even still.

    Thanks Maggie. I missed you over the break (though I was breaking more than you were).


  5. I LOVE her hair! I’m sitting in my cube wondering whether I could pull off such a fantastic cut. And I LOVE Mighty Closet–irrationally so.


  6. i tried on that American Apparel dress and looked like I was wearing American Apparel. But that red belt? And that necklace? THAT is a lesson about the magic of accessories and their power to change an Outfit into Style.

    I have serious style envy right now. (Should you ever do a “Mighty Closet Makeover” for one lucky reader, I am so there. So. There. I’d even write an essay to be considered.)


  7. Is it a prerequisite that to be your friend you must have fabulous style? I feel like I should take notes whenever I read a Mighty Closet post!

    Seriously, I am with Sarah and I would love a Mighty Closet Makeover. Perhaps that will be on my 100 Things to Do List: Get a Closet Makeover from someone with great fashion sense!


  8. She is making this all look so good! (Dov should be in touch. Rocking AA without looking like a hooker, addict or teen mom ain’t easy.) Rachel is cute in a way that I will never be and for that I am quite envious. As always, love the Mighty Closet.


  9. Oh Rachel, you got it girl. Is her hair assymetrical or is tucked behind her ear? I’m not feeling like I want to go change my clothes and try again (in a good way!)


  10. Thanks. Y’all are very nice.

    For those who were curious, the tights are from Forever 21 and I get my hair cut by Amber at Salon Louie in San Francisco.


  11. I’m a long time MG reader and while a man – I do like these style pieces. I think Rachel is beautiful, and your photos of her style are great. I really appreciate your eye in photos – keep it up.


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