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29th December 2009

Three things you should go watch and read:


A quick New Year’s resolution video I did over at Lifescoop. It being January, I hope everyone is prepared for the Internet goal-talk explosion, because I’m obviously planning to engage heavily.


I did a roundup of photography stuff I either own or want: 6 Unique Tools for Better Photos (also at Lifescoop).


Cool Wireless Gadgets over at WePC. I’m surprised at how much I want a charging mat that revitalizes gadgets without all the ugly wires. Locating, untangling, and arranging cords for the various life-enhancing gadgets I own just sounds exhausting. I’m always gobsmacked by people who have everything in a neat little charging station or whatever. Maybe I should stop listing neat little charging stations on my various shopping sites, and instead actually purchase one. It is January after all.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Resolutions, Photography, Gadgets

  1. Cassie Boorn

    Regarding your new years resolution…

    If you are working on group collaboration Campfire is great.
    If you are looking for schedules and calander organization I hear Cozi is great (I stick to my google calander)
    Also, google mail has some amazing email organization maps.

    If you want insight or thoughts on any programs let me know. I have used many :)

    Good luck!

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