Say Cheese


Hank still hasn’t quite mastered the on-demand smile, so this is what you get when he notices a camera pointed his way. Actually, he usually says, “CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!” and then grimaces like he’s about to burst into tears, so this is progress.

16 thoughts on “Say Cheese

  1. @Helena, not sure what’s up with that. I never “switched,” it just happened one day. I hate partial feeds too. I’ll look into it again and see what I can do. Are you using Google Reader?


  2. i’m in google reader and it gives me just the partial feed. and sometimes when i try to click over i get a blocked webpage, but sometimes it lets me. super suck!


  3. My husband never grew out of that. In all of our wedding photos his eyes are closed (a la Hank’s in this photograph), but his mouth is contorted in this strange shape that makes it look like he’s in pain. Or, really, really constipated.


  4. Hank is so adoarable. And it is crazy how much all your posts remind me of my very own three year old little boy Clifford. I think Hank and Clifford could be best buddies. This is among one of the million reasons I love your blog.


  5. The issue I have with the feed is that if your post starts with an image, I don’t even get a “teaser” of what it’s about (if that makes sense).

    I do love coming to the page, but usually wait til I’m on laptop rather than clicking through on my iPhone cause I don’t know if it’s going to be an embed slideshow or video or something else that’s best viewed on the big screen.


  6. Our kiddo had the same “grimace” when asked to smile! A photographer friend of ours suggested that he say “mozzarella” instead. It works!

    Now we scream “mozzarella!” instead of cheese πŸ™‚


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