Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 10

22nd December 2009


This is Margaret’s cocktail dress by Trina Turk. I think it might be a metallic peacock feather print. This is Margaret pulling that off.


We thought it might be funny to take glam cocktail dress photos out back with the kids’ toys, but instead she just looks hot.

Then again…



Some of them were pretty funny too. Though they do look a little like someone took them for a highly specific fetish site.


But back to the dress, which is so understated sexy. I think it’s the exposed clavicle. Clavicle beats cleavage any day.


The bracelet is a sentimental favorite because it belonged to her husband’s mother. Her clutch is by Felix Ray.


Killer ’40s-inspired platforms by Banana Republic.


And thus concludes our closet tour with Ms. Stewart. Margaret, you have approximately a year to purchase a whole bunch of new stuff so we can ogle your good taste anew.

6 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 10

  1. Toni

    Three posts in one day? Maggie, I dont even know what to do with all of this wonderful fashion.
    Best Tuesday ever. Thanks!

  2. Megan

    I need to get the bits of my brain that remember the name Trina Turk cauterized so I never remember to go back to that Web site. There are about 60 things there that I “need” immediately.

  3. Laura

    This has been so fun! Thank you, Maggie. I agree – Margaret Stewart is fantastic. I keep looking at her, thinking “ok, how does she look so trim and lovely with those kids?” And what a great eye she has – cute, cute, cute. Makes me want to try harder! (Plus we have the same hair!)

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