Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 7

16th December 2009


We took these last summer, so of course there was a romper involved. This one is from H&M. Man, rompers are really representing on Mighty Girl of late.




The side view on these kills me. Again, I think I need more interesting shoes. I lost my notes on where these came from — Margaret, let us know in comments if you remember.


This brooch was a birthday gift from me, and it’s becoming my sisterhood pin. Everyone I love gets one whenever there’s cause for celebration. It’s by Elefante è Vida, whose shop I’m always loathe to share, but Margaret has forced my hand. I would shake my fist at her, but I’m too flattered by her sweetness in wearing it. Aww, Stewart.

9 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 7

  1. Rebecca

    My two favorite things here:

    1.those fab shoes
    2. The fact that, like me, her big toe is shorter than the next toe.

  2. Jenn

    Rebecca, one time I went to the Louve, and there was a room full of Greek statues, and LOTS of the lady statues had longer second toes! I felt very good about my toes Greek goddess toes after that. So … yay!

  3. (the other) Margaret

    My shoes are Cole Haan. Seriously. Did you think they had it in them? I didn’t. Course, I got them like 10 years ago, so maybe it was some kick ass shoe designer that they subsequently fired.



  4. Shana

    I can’t even process the clothes. I…the hair…oh, good Lord, the hair. Ms. Stewart, you are a lucky, lucky lady. Am positively green with jealousy. :)

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