The Wardrobe Genius of M.Drummergirl

3rd December 2009


Do you have a moment to go all slack-jawed with me over M.Drummergirl’s keen fashion sense? (To clarify: I did not take these photos, they’re from her Flickr stream. M.Drummergirl and I have never met.)


She is a layering ninja.

Picture 3

And would you look at these colors? This is a girl after my own matchy-matchy heart.


Go marvel at the rest of her wardrobe trickery, all the more genius because so much of it is thrifted. And excuse me while I go home and iron.

34 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Genius of M.Drummergirl

  1. maureen

    Love the striped stocking outfit. (She looks like Nicole kidman in that one.) The outfit in the “wardrobe’ link, I think I already owned first time around.

  2. kate

    Oh my god. Between looking like a more natural Nichole Kidman, every. single. thing. looks amazing on her and she has incredible style!! That dress in the last photo looks like it was made for her. Just….wow.

    PS. I LOVE these posts, too!

  3. Alison of a Gun

    I love her! I wish you had some fat friends so I could covet clothes I could actually wear!

  4. Paula

    Love her style! I checked out her whole fashion set I would love to have her wardrobe. Seriously, amazing. And she must have a lot of closet space.

  5. Anne

    I agree with the pp who requested outfit ideas for the larger lady. Like, say, a size 16 apple shaped reader. I love M.Drummergirl. Her style is slightly offbeat without being quite as zany as some of the closets we’ve seen. (Which I love, but wouldn’t wear personally.)

  6. Maren

    The problem is that it’s difficult to find fashionable thrifted things and downright near-impossible to find vintage things in a larger size, or even anything over a size 6 or 8 in the latter case. I went to Crossroads Trading recently and came away with two serviceable but uninteresting no-name shirts, while having to pass up dozens of great designer pieces that were half my size. Guess it’s those two standbys, fabulous accessories and fabulous shoes, for us size 16s as usual.

  7. Sarah

    Wow, all I could think when looking at these pictures was “She is SO MUCH less bowlegged than I am! As in, not at ALL bowlegged! Man, she looks good standing there… I could never stand like that without looking ridiculous.” But I eventually got myself back on track. Her style is, of course, totally amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  8. smallstatic

    Also, curious what this woman does for work? It seems like a lot of the women you feature in the fashion posts are either in creative/marketing type positions (or on vacation). Is there any hope for those of us who love fashion but who work in conservative industries? Lawyers with style… now there’s a challenge! ;)

  9. Maggeh Post author

    Smalltastic, I don’t know what Michelle does for a living because I just found her online, but my friend Margaret Stewart worked at a bank (and dressed similarly) before going to work at Google.

  10. m.drummergirl

    i’ve worked at the same conservative law firm for the past 10 years and they’ve never had a problem with how i dress. i appreciate all the nice comments. :)

  11. smallstatic

    Ha ha, that is fantastic! That was truly a stab in the dark. M. Drummergirl- are you an attorney? I would love to be able to get away with such fabulousness at my firm. Maybe as I gain a little seniority I will.

  12. Alias Mother

    1) I need to stop looking at these posts while fat and pregnant. My main criteria for clothing these days is: does it still fit? So these stylish women just depress me;

    2) How come everywhere else in the country has good thrift stores with exquisite vintage pieces? Mine just have stained flannel shirts and shrunken LL Bean sweaters.

  13. Owen's mom

    This is inspiring! Any chance you could feature tips on layering for novices? Such as – how do you keep under layers from bunching up all funny? How do you shop for things you know will layer well? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks so much for sharing these pics!

  14. Up Mama's Wall

    The nice person in me thinks: She IS a layering ninja. The crabby one adds: tall, thin people always look good in layers, I’m having a brownie.
    But she does look awesome. No doubt.

  15. Up Mama's Wall

    Oh, and I just want to say that although she looks enviably thin, many of the women you have featured here look “normal” and fabulous. It’s been a great mix.

  16. MomofDavid

    Could you write a post on thrifting for novices? I live in a large east coast city, but I always get overwhelmed when I go into thrift stores/look online (online vintage purchases seem to be less than what I’d hoped for when I open them up). I also have friends who are great thrifters and look fabulous all the time. I would love any tips on what to look for and how to get through all the junk to find the treasures.

  17. Josette

    m.drummergirl, if you’re reading this, you must checkout my sister’s store “the oystercater” in Apalachicola, even just for the window displays.

  18. m.drummergirl

    @smallstatic – i’m a legal assistant with seniority.

    @denise – i haven’t had anything hemmed so far, but i recently found a couple of maxi dresses i’m planning to have shortened just for a slip.

    @josette – i am going to be in apalachicola on saturday, so i will definitely check it out.

  19. hqurel

    I think we need a pic of drummergirl’s closet! Hey, Oystercatcher? Apalachicola? I’ve been there! Fabulous town, amazing store.

  20. KT

    I’ve been admiring her photos on Flickr for ages. I am so inspired my her style! I would like to have you, Maggie, and Michelle take me thrift-store shopping. I only ever end up with men’s jeans and giant sweaters.

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