Momversation: Thanksgiving

24th November 2009

The only responsibility I have on Thanksgiving is eating too much. In fact, I spent one of my favorite Thanksgivings at an Indian food restaurant. Compared to my Christmas to do list, my Thanksgiving list is positively zen:

Was I gluttonous? Check.
Did I have to unbutton my pants to sit comfortably? Check.

That’s a successful Thanksgiving.


4 thoughts on “Momversation: Thanksgiving

  1. Nicole

    I love you crazy bunch o’ momversaters. I would like to peer into each of your holidays . . . the LA version, the SF friends version, the Loesch traditional, and of course the Utah version. Insanity, bohemian, fashionable, conservative. God bless America and pass the gravy.

  2. Leslie

    YES! Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE meal of the year. That is the reason that I invented Thanksgiving 2, which occurs at the end of March and is equally awesome. Pass it on :)

  3. Kristin

    My family is Armenian, and my grandfather a long time ago used that as an excuse to not have Turkey, because he didn’t like it. So our Thanksgiving tradition is Shish Kebob. Yum!

  4. amy

    My sister usually hosts it and if she is going elsewhere I hope we are invited somewhere else. If all else fails hubby does a yummy turkey and we host. I so much enjoy GOING somewhere for TG dinner ;)

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