Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Happy Dress

23rd November 2009

This post is all about me refraining from “pot of gold” jokes. I humbly request that you admire my restraint.


This is Laura’s beachwear. The rainbow dress is from Target, the shelf-bra tank is Banana Republic, and the flip flops are Rocket Dog.


I know you saw this headband coming — also from Target.


Is there a blogger left who doesn’t own one of Andrea’s Superhero necklaces? There should be a secret handshake. Obviously, Laura is wearing hers as a bracelet.


Her actual necklace features a Thoreau quote, “Live the life you have imagined.”


Laura’s glasses are from Urban Outfitters. I suspect Laura made an Urban Outfitters run before this trip. Fess up, Mayes.

And there you go. Pretty good for one little carryon, especially since we didn’t even touch on what she packed for New York. She probably just paired this with leggings and a scarf. Voila! Business casual.

Laura, thanks for your patience with my camera, and for your willingness to spit in the face of jetlag. You make things more fun.

5 thoughts on “Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Happy Dress

  1. amy

    She is adorable & I’ve loved this episode of Mighty Closet-ish Packing Tips…I’m stupidly excited to say I have those flip flops & they are SO comfy! My wardrobe (& packing savvy) are nowhere near as fabulous but I’ve got the shoes! :)

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