My Packing Master List

27th October 2009

So, as many of you know, I’m into packing. Deeply into it. Maybe it’s because my well-packed suitcase is a haven of organization compared to my closet, which looks like a 75% off sale in a communal changing room at Dress Barn.

Anyway, my friend Asha worked with Microsoft Office to compile this Slideshare Parent Toolbox. A bunch of bloggers are posting templates that make their lives easier, and I contributed my Packing Master List! (I need you to imagine fireworks here.) It’s the list I use to start packing for any trip — it includes several variable lists, and even a pre-trip to do list. I seriously can’t believe I’ve never thought to post it before.

Here you go. Go somewhere good:

39 thoughts on “My Packing Master List

  1. Elizabeth

    I still really, really want to know what sort of suitcase that was that you packed for your Greece trip. It looked like it was the perfect size! I must find one!

  2. Kathleen

    Awesome list. I love looking at other peoples travel lists! Something we do when we travel out of country is E-mail a scan of our passports to our ourselves. That way we can make a copy at any Cyber-cafe anywhere in the world.

  3. rahree

    OH SWEET JESUS THANK YOU! I’m leaving on a month-long audition tour, and I never, EVER, make it without paying extra for my over-weight suitcase, throwing out my back, and not using 40% of the crap I bring along.

    (My coworkers thank you, too.)
    You are a shooting star. Yes, you are.

  4. Elizabeth

    And it wasn’t even a magical suitcase with special packing powers? I’m delighted and in awe. I should have known, ma’am, that the special packing powers were yours to begin with.

  5. Nicole

    people always used to think it was weird that I would wear my backpack everywhere at the lake, taking it to/from the beach/campground. Until I pull the tweezers/nail file/bottle opener/bottle stopper/swimmers ear solution/sunscreen from one of its pockets. And those are just the front pockets! mostly it just transports my swimming suit, set of dry clothes, the day’s snacks, and my puzzle book. I heart my backpack, if ya can’t tell.

  6. Franca Bollo

    You forgot your hot rollers. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll ever get over you taking them to Greece but I’ll try.

  7. Chookooloonks

    Love this, Maggie. One other thing I always have tossed in the bottom of my bag (an addition to your “comfort kit,” if you will) — a little baggie of tea lights. I find nothing makes a hotel room/bathroom/whatever feel cozier than a candle, and tea lights are just perfect for this, since they don’t take up any room. Toss them into a hotel bathroom glass, and voila — instant ambiance. ;)


  8. petya

    Would you ever consider a make-up post? You always look pretty and chic but also so natural. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s wondering what products you use.

  9. Kizz

    I wish my grandfather were still alive. He would find your genius a balm to the soul. After he died we found a box of wallets. He bought special ones if currency in the country he was headed to was a different size.

  10. Megs

    I’M NOT CRAZY!!! i’ve been doing this far at least 10 years (started at the end of high school – so many little road trips and overnights here and there . . .) and everyone thinks i’m a crazy OCD freak. but like nicole i’m always the one everybody comes to when they need that random q-tip at the bar (true story) b/c they know i prolly have one. i just have a little word document saved to my computer that has lists that i check off as i go. saves on time and stress.

  11. robyn

    and, wow. i always over-pack or under-pack, bring the wrong things by default, and can never figure out what goes where.

    my big concern at this point is that you just left “clothes” all to itself – next time i travel i’ll have to just copy one of your travel wardrobes you’ve posted!

  12. Emily

    This is hilarious and awesome. I have one too but yours is better. I have templates for everything.

  13. Amber

    As someone who travels a lot for work, I have a Master Packing List, too, but it’s specifically for business travel. I’ll have to make one for vacation now, too. One question: Why hand sanitizer only for foreign countries? The airplane is filthy enough, no matter where you go, no?

  14. Bea

    Great list – but man you had me confused under the ‘Cold’ list.

    Goat? Why do you need a goat?!

    OH, I GET IT. A coat. Yes, that makes more sense. Stupid eyes.

  15. Allison

    Awesome list! I was wondering if you would share what brand of sunless tanner you use? I am a ginger with skin tone very similar to yours but I can never find the right sunless tanner..

  16. Helen

    How big is this ‘backpack’? I am traveling with two children (eek!) for the first time in a couple weeks and I don’t think I could fit all of that in mine (big ‘ole back pack from jr. high) Just laptop (lightweight variety), Nalgene, Coloring book and crayons takes up the big part and snacks the small. I need what you’ve got! (or perhaps a smaller nalgene?)

  17. Eileen

    I am curious — do you actually follow your toiletries list separately each trip? Or do you a keep an always-packed toiletries kit (with its own toothbrush, lotion, etc) and just throw the whole thing in your bag?

  18. Anne Marie

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting. I always make up a similar packing list when I travel, but I’ve never kept it on file anywhere and have to make it from scratch each time. Great suggestion about packing an extra duffel for purchases. For my recent honeymoon trip, I packed a small bag into our checked luggage for just this reason and am so glad I did. I just moved some clothes into the extra bag for the return trip and kept all my gifts in the carry-on so I didn’t have to worry about those gifts getting lost. My extra bag was a Baggalini bag. They make great totes and carry-ons that are perfect for this.

  19. Samtastic

    Maggie this is awesome! I am going to Peru for 2 weeks this December and I am so thankful you posted this! I am a completely disorganized person so I am happy to have something to follow now! I am also going to try to follow your clothes-packing tips…. we’ll see how that part goes!;)

  20. Megan

    Hmmm. Well I’m headed to Abu Dhabi in the morning and of course I haven’t even started packing.

    Ever since you started your pack posts I’ve been meaning to put some order to my chaos. Although tonight’s not the perfect start, maybe I can still put the list to the test and start perfecting it to my own.

    (re: the candle discussion above. I’m guessing the travel candle was meant to perform the same act as the tea light, right?)

  21. Ryan Elizabeth

    I love this! I only have a “things to do before I go list”, and “notify credit card companies” is a must, especially if I wasn’t the one paying for the tickets/hotel. A fraud alert freezing your cards can really put a kink in your travels.

  22. Heather

    Wow. This is really quite amazing, and takes organizing to a whole new level. I have lived abroad for a year on two seperate occaisons and have never had a packing list this detailed. That would explain why I always forget things.

  23. Bonnie

    Oh my GOD, thank you for this. Why have I never thought of a master list? Instead I attempt to reinvent the wheel, every time.

    And I second Petya’s makeup post request, because I love to read those.

  24. Kelly

    I concur with Helen…
    The list is genius.
    But so long/extensive for someone who famously packs so light. How do you fit ALL THAT STUFF into your backpack??

  25. Andrea

    (I accidentally just posted this over on SlideShare. Oops!) Hi Maggie! Love the packing list. Also, I love your clothing style and have really enjoyed seeing your outfits on various trips. Would you consider putting together a packing list that is more clothing-specific? For example, for a 4-day trip you need two pairs of pants, three tops (two of which go with each pair of pants), a dress, etc. I’d LOVE to see what you come up with!

  26. Up Mama's Wall

    I don’t know. I still sort of like my method whereby I run around the night before yelling at my family members and feeling hysterical and breathless and then forget the neck pillow, phone charger and the Advil (and once, all the underwear). But that’s just me.

  27. Laura

    This is like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! I’ll most definitely be using this for my upcoming Egypt/Jordan/Israel trip in early 2010. Many thanks!

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