I’m on Martha! Sort of.

6th October 2009

Have I told you I’m in a new book? I have not. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Twitter Wit:


It’s a collection of clever Tweets from famous people and commoners like myself. It was edited by Nick Douglas, who just appeared on Martha Stewart to promote it. I am fairly sure he’s wearing eye shadow. You be the judge:

10 thoughts on “I’m on Martha! Sort of.

  1. Becky

    Cool, go you!

    And my inner grammarian is just so relieved that the title says brilliance in 140 characters “or fewer,” instead of “or less.” It’s a thing of mine. ‘Cause, like, the barbarians are at the gate and all.

  2. Monica

    I went to college with him! He graduated in my class. So crazy to see him on TV! Can’t wait to read the book.

  3. Jet @ scatterbeams

    but it only says “fewer” on THIS site – the Amazon image shows “less”… ack!

    i’m not sure if i can read it now. oh, okay, i totally will, just to find Maggie’s tweets.

  4. Nick Douglas

    OMG Monica who? Hi!

    Becky, I’m sorry to say it’s actually “or less.” (That’s an older cover mock-up.) Much as I sympathize, I’m a recent convert to non-prescriptive grammar, and HarperCollins and I decided “less” sounded better for a subtitle.

  5. meghan

    Prescriptive and non-prescriptive grammar are two different forms of grammar love. The latter is clearly superior. And being a non-prescriptive grammarian makes Nick that much cooler.

    Linguistics major. Can you tell?

  6. Alyssa

    I really like Nick Douglas, so I can say this, but how does one interpret the fact that he didn’t invalidate the comments about possible eyeshadow?

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