26 thoughts on “Yes to This

  1. Daddy Scratches

    So I see this thing that says “Single Ladies – Beyonce,” and I’m all, “Beyonce? No thanks.” But I’m also thinking, “Yeah, but Maggie’s shit is usually pretty tight, so I’m gonna check this out,” so I click “Play,” and suddenly, I’m totally sucked in. That young lady has some serious charisma. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Renee

    I love Beyonce’s version and this one was just as good as a different way! I also loved their other videos on You Tube. They should thank you! You just created a huge fan of theirs.

  3. Angela

    So fun. And also a bit scary, as she bears a strong resemblance to my 6 year old daughter (lip mole and all). It was like looking at her in 15 years.

  4. Stacey

    1. I totally want to high five you for sharing this. I normally just lurk, but this was worth de-lurking.

    2. Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte are absolutely amazing, and seeing them get put out there by someone other than their usual crowd makes me happy.

    3. My favorite part is when she puts her hands up (oh, oh, oh!).

  5. amanda

    listen, ya know, i think she’s real nice and i like her, but beyonce had the best video of all time!

    only kidding, that made me super happy too, loved it!

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  7. stephanie

    Cute hair, big green eyes, nice voice, plays bass and has sense of humor? Swoon!

    Sorry, Sarah Haskins. I think I might have just found a new fake Internet girlfriend.

  8. Kristin

    Oh Maggie! Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to Pomplamoose! I just spent an hour listening to their stuff and Nataly’s stuff too. Awesome.

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