Congrats, Traci!

Traci number 431 is the winner of the Young Love Unrequited Gift Pack, sponsored by SanDisk slotRadio.

I’m still working my way through everyone’s music-driven movie scenes, surprisingly good and varied thread. These are Traci’s favorites:

Traci, your pop rocks are on the way. Please do not consume them with soda, as we all remember what happened to Mikey.

One thought on “Congrats, Traci!

  1. Ah the Edelweiss song.

    Imagine for a moment: you grew up watching that movie (all chopped to hell on non-cable TV but whatever). You drowned in the eyes of Captain von Trapp and then dutifully also developed a crush in the more appropriate young Rolf (who in real life also painted your parents’house, hows that for glamour?). You grow up and fall for a tall blond German with a strong jaw and blue eyes. You go to visit him for the first time and drive straight to Austria, through Salzburg, to the alps where the famous flower grows along the roadside.

    And then as you’re there getting to know one another, you learn. No one’s even seen the damn movie over there and the friggen song is a Rogers and Hammerstein concoction for the movie.

    Happened to me.


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