19 thoughts on “What?

  1. Aisha

    Instead of allowing a scorpion to ride on your back, travel with cupcakes! They won’t poison you, it’s not in their nature!

  2. kathleen

    ummmm, “happy belated birthday,” perhaps? [should have sent the cupcake to you by hare, not tortoise?….]

  3. Liam's Grandma

    Turtle soup with a cupcake for dessert? I actually know someone who has had and loves turtle soup. I cannot even imagine it. In fact, I’m about to lose my coffee right here, right now, thinking about it. Mental station change…..

  4. Kara

    Am I the only one who’s getting what you’re saying, or the only one who’s not? Because most commenters seem to think that you need the picture explained to you, while I took your post more as, “What is up with the cupcakes, world? They’ve taken over the zeitgeist like Disney and Gap! Why are there cupcakes everywhere?! WHY WHY WHY???!!”

    So am I the one not getting it?

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