Actual thought I just had while watching the Mentalist:

“Oh, please. No moderately sane witch would cast a killing spell. It would come back on her double-whammy.”

It’s possible I’ve spent too much time in San Francisco.

15 thoughts on “Wicca-Wigitty-Wack

  1. That takes me back to the days, at CAL, when I thought might I want to minor in Celtic Studies (don’t ask). That was until I overheard the three Grad students in the front row of my Intro class ripping into “Practical Magic” for being impractical.

    Because you know it takes way too much power to have your coffee self-stir.

    Pshaw, yeah totally. And the Craft was never meant to be used for such selfish purposes.

    And that exorcism with the housewives. Novices? Who are they kidding? Insulting really.

    Um. yeah.


  2. see, i read that as “knitting spell” and i got all excited – imagine all the things you could knit! you could force others to do your knitting for you, start up your own little workshop. i don’t think that’s boring at all!


  3. Ha!

    I knew I’d married the right man when I realized that my running commentary on the accuracy of Law & Order’s courtroom proceedings didn’t bother him at ALL.


  4. And here I thought I was the only one who thought that same thing. Only, it comes back times three. Not that it would matter much after the first time a killing spell comes back at you…


  5. I was going to say triple too. I’ve been to San Francisco twice and LOVE it. Although that is a good point about killing spells and anything over once being pointless.


  6. Not only would that be super bad spell-karma.. You simply can’t control things like that. Though i’ve also known a “witch” who insisted on hexing and jinxing and other immature, ridiculous, b*tchery- but.. that is one out of the very many sane and mature witches i know šŸ˜‰

    Also saw knitting spell at first. I shall refrain from making sexist joke here šŸ˜‰


  7. I don’t care about the witch thing. But I’ll watch any Mentalist episode, anytime. That was a good one. I liked the witch, but she didn’t seem very authentic, though I wouldn’t know. Still loved the show.


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