7 thoughts on “Today’s Fun Thing

  1. Maggeh Post author

    They even let me use the table. That is the most well-stocked wrapping table outside of Martha Stewart’s offices.

  2. Megan

    This is rhetorical, kind of, but what can you get the people who are helping to kind of, you know, sponsor your life? You’re a class act.

  3. Sue

    Forgive me, but I’m not sure I get this. Did you ask Federated to shop your Mighty Life list around, and Intel bought it, or did Intel hire Federated to promote their sponsorship of your Mighty Life list?

    Either way, it’s fun reading! Looking forward to the 5 remaining items! (That’s if the count is: website redesign, tap lessons, swim w/bio-luminescent plankton in Portugal, take Hank Camping, and tasted some of the 1,000 fruits)

  4. Maggeh Post author

    Hi Sue,

    I asked Federated to shop the life list, and Intel was the first company that got it. -M

  5. Sue

    Thanks! I appreciate your being willing to pull back the curtain a little – helps those who may have been thinking Intel sponsoring the list was all “magic” instead of the result of your hard, targeted work & foresight. Cheers!

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