Three Fashion Links

23rd July 2009

1. Fashion Tips for Women From a Guy Who Knows Dick About Fashion (*Per commenter request, adding a warning to this link. This guy is a mouth breather, who I found fascinating, not authoritative. Carry on.)

2. July 10 My favorite outfit so far this summer from The Uniform Project. (Though June 25 and June 20 were both contenders.)

3. The pregnant lady’s Rubber Band Trick courtesy of Rare Device’s Rena Tom.

22 thoughts on “Three Fashion Links

  1. steph

    You can also use the rubber band trick when you forget to wear your fat pants on Chinese buffet day. Or, um, so I’m told. The rubber band prevents what is known in these parts as “V-necking”.

    Also, LMAO at the guy who knows dick about fashion. He clearly knows everything about fashion.

  2. Scarlet Lily

    I loved the rubber band trick! I also used a hair elastic instead, but since I couldn’t button my pants as early as 9 weeks when I wasn’t even announcing the pregnancy yet, a trick was definitely needed. Now I’m at 39 weeks and waiting!

  3. Margaret

    Ahahaha tit curtains. My aversion to those shirts is finally validated by something other than the mirror.

  4. rena

    i guess it would have been the hair elastic trick if i had enough hair to, you know, own any! sadly i am way beyond it and at the ‘vise grip trick’ stage. hm, actually, i think i did borrow a hair elastic from my husband with the luscious locks once…

  5. brigita

    My view on Crocs went from hate to heart pretty fast. People that hate Crocs have never worn Crocs.

    And they do *not* make your feet smell! I have the stinkiest feet that ever have stunk and they are like roses after wearing the same pair of Crocs for evs.

    The end.

  6. cee

    “People that hate Crocs have never worn Crocs.”

    for the record, i have worn crocs and i still think they are disgusting pieces of shoe scum. i only bought them to wear on the beach. and i was so ashamed of myself for buying them i threw them out.

    but red lipstick, i love.

  7. Laura

    Heh! Red lipstick is oh so tricky – but Maggie, you are really the perfect exception to his rule. I always admire your red lipstick-wearing ability in the Momversations. (I have learned, sadly, that I cannot wear a true red myself, but have a go-to favorite wine color from Clinique; black violet…) Cheers!

  8. stephanie

    Whoa. That first link needs a “This man is a sexist asshole” warning. That’s one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in a while, though I agree with him that Crocs are hideous and most women look like clowns when they wear red lipstick.

  9. alaraca

    I agree with stephanie; just because the fashion tip guy says some funny stuff that I agree with, doesn’t mean I’m not really sorry–for the first time ever–to have clicked on a link of yours. Joking about women as if we are here (a) to look good for you and (b) to be used by you is funny! And necessary, for humorously making your point!

  10. Maggeh Post author

    Oops, sorry. Will add warning to first link. I thought it was mouth-breathing enough to speak for itself.

  11. misstraceynolan

    Sorry…but “RIP My Boner” made me howl. Mouthbreather? Clearly. Some valid points? Yes. But I won’t say that out loud. Gotta go reapply my red lipstick.

  12. Roxy

    Thanks Maggie, the rubber band trick was tops!

    For those that were bothered by the first link, I feel it might be time to grow some thicker skin instead of trying to get a blog owner to scrub the web.

  13. Kara

    Hi Maggie. Thought I’d ask since this is a fashion post. I love the flats you linked to on in a recent post. Unfortunately I can’t seem to work their website. Once I select a shoe (any shoe) there’s no option to “add to cart” or buy.

    Have you purchased anything from the website before? Am I blind?

    I e-mailed customer service a couple days ago, but no response yet.

    If you know the secret I’d be very grateful.

    Kara, clueless.

  14. Maggeh Post author

    I have purchased those flats from Shoegasm, but I don’t have any secrets for working their site. If I were you, I’d probably try a different browser.

  15. stephanie

    Thanks, Maggie, for adding the comment to the first link. I appreciate it.

    Roxy, please do not imply that I need to “toughen up” just because I do not take such sexist sentiments lightly. Besides, that tool of patriarchy is getting pretty dull – it doesn’t work so well on me anymore.

  16. Liesel

    I thought the first link was hysterical. The perfect compliment to my morning coffee.

    I did not at all take it offensively. The guy obviously says much for shock value. I had mine with a side of salt.

    Thanks for sharing, Maggie. My husband thanks you too. I made him read it before work this morning and he was still giggling when he came in the door this evening.

  17. Catherine

    Stephanie, you are pathetic. Someone’s attitude offends you, big deal. Instead of just taking it with a grain of salt and going on with your life, you want to have others warned because, and I quote, “that’s one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in a while”. How this could be one of the most offensive things you’ve is beyond me. Maybe you should go outside once in a while. Grow a pair.

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