Renegade Craft Fair

21st July 2009

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend at Fort Mason, and it was lovely seeing so many of the artists I’ve listed on Mighty Goods over the years. Here’s what I brought home with me.

Prints and shirts by Frank Chimero.

A Lisa Congdon Original Matchbox Drawing.

Handmade Bay Rum Aftershave by a true renegade selling his wares out front.

Dishtowels by The Heated

Pie Bird Press Letterpress Cards

Excellent burrito shirt by Campfire.

Organic Whale Onesie by Willotoons

26 thoughts on “Renegade Craft Fair

  1. Loaf

    Great post, as always. just wanted to let you know I’m having trouble with your blog posts showing up on my Google Reader. Just the title of the post shows up, no post, not even a shortened version. FYI.

  2. ana

    @valeri I’m glad i am not the only one that thought that. But Maybe it is a gift for someone?

  3. Renee

    Art Shows are wonderfully dangerous to the budget! Great Finds!
    PS. Excuse prior comment. Two-year-old had to put her two cents in!

  4. Bea

    That’s two mentions of ‘bought this for pregnancy ‘ under your holiday wardrobe and one onesie bought at the fair- something you want to tell us?!

  5. Darci

    Ahhh, went to the Graft Fair in LA and my daughter so wanted to the nerd poster for her dorm room. I just ordered it from the website. Love it.

  6. Aisha

    I think the various types of alcoholic beverages mentioned re: Puerto Rico indicate that the onesie is for someone else. Not to be all creepy stalker, but @ev’s wife (@Sara) is due soon… right?

    Or are you pulling a really awesome one on us?

  7. Cautionary Girl

    A onesie!

    I kind of got a feeling when you wore two different maternity dresses in Puerto Rico, but that is NOT to say that you look pregnant AT ALL.

    And now a onesie!

  8. San Diego Native

    I think it’s so cute how people from San Francisco think they have really good burritos.

  9. Emily

    I lovvve the dish towels. I can never have enough kitchen accessories. :)
    Also… a onesie? Does this mean…?

  10. Dawn

    Dude, wait. I know that you are totally The Awesome. But, didn’t know that you are so awesome that you have a freaking Fort named after you! Lots of cute buys too!

  11. Maggeh Post author

    The wooden thing is a piece of wood with a cross section of wood etched in it. The thing in front of it is an old-skool sprinkler head.

  12. willo

    hehee… boy, your readership doesn’t miss a beat, huh? :p

    being the designer & seller of said ‘little splash’ onesie in curious debate, I can officially report that I know who the lucky lil’ (newborn) recipient is, and it’s not in, or from, miss maggeh’s belly. :)

    thanks for the link, maggie. great to see you, as always! xo

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