12 thoughts on “You guys, I’m getting maaaarried!

  1. gesikah

    Dude, just the other day I was just trying to convince one of my younger sisters to get married so they could wear this EXACT dress. That and I want that chick’s hairs.

  2. Teresa

    Oh my. That dress is very similar to the wedding dress my mother wore in 1970. She made it herself. I would have worn it to my own wedding except the dress hit around my shins. Sigh.

  3. Stacy

    That looks almost exactly like my mom’s wedding dress, although hers was longer and had a train. She and my grandmother chose it in July of 68 because momma was super skinny and three-ish months pregnant and already showing enough that they wanted to be as discreet as possible. Even though everyone attending that wedding knew what was up. Good times.

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