36 thoughts on “Yep.

  1. May

    Do you think that they sent the song out to their guests to practice before hand? how did they know the lyrics?!

  2. Dr. S

    That is a truly epic video. What’s astounding to me is the precision of every participant’s lip synch. Astounding.

  3. Megan

    Every wedding DJ across 2 continents is dusting off his Queen albums right now. (Ha. Like they needed dusting.)

  4. becky

    That pretty much sets a new standard.

    The two guys singing at the urinal were what really brought it home for me.

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  6. jessica

    That makes me jealous! I want one of those from MY wedding–too bad it was 4 years ago. I must figure out some aspect of my life to make into a musical…..

  7. Sarah

    There are great photos of me and Mum rocking out to this song at my brother’s wedding, but this trumps them big time!

  8. bud

    Thanks, Maggie, now my wife wants to go through with a full-blown wedding so we can make a video like that…
    thanks a lot. :)

  9. Syd

    All I can say is, CRAP, I JUST GOT MARRIED & WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS?! okay. alright. I’m calm. That was so cool.

  10. Dawn

    Effing brills. Totally makes me want to get married all over again just so we can do this.

  11. Leslie

    Good thing I’m divorced. There’s still a chance of this in my future! (Silver lining)

  12. Jan

    Classic! That sets a new high bar for wedding videos, and what a great group of people to all jump into the spirit of it!

  13. Marinkina

    Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  14. Bev Adler

    Absolutely brilliant! That’s what I love about the British. They all have that sly puckish bit of Monty Pythonesque humor in them. All shapes and ages were in this and everybody seemed to be having a great time.

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