5 thoughts on “Mighty Goods: Laptop Bag Roundup

  1. Samantha

    I love the one that looks like a purse. It is so functional and stylish for carrying my laptop to and from work on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jan

    Argh! I’ve been looking for The Perfect Laptop Bag so it was with great anticipation that I clicked the link to the Laptop Bag Roundup. Skimming through the offerings, there it was (is), something would be perfect. Sadly, it it is also the most expensive item on the page by far, and is priced well outside my range.

    Why, o why, do I have champagne tastes and a ginger ale budget??

  3. Sarah

    Maggie, you are *awesome* — thanks much, much, much for this list! Lots of good finds!

  4. Jessica

    Great list. I have a laptop bag that looks like a purse in a wonderful shade of green from Samsonite; very easy for travel.

    Look forward to finding another from your list!

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