My Gang of Street Toughs

My good friend Josh Cagan was guest hosting the prompts on Plinky last week as part of the promotion for his new movie Bandslam. I’m getting to them a little late, but here’s the answer to my favorite one:

OH NO, IT’S A RUMBLE! Quick, put together your ideal gang of street toughs!

When I need to assemble a gang of street toughs, and I need to do it fast, I turn to professionals. As usual, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has anticipated a market for frenzied, murderous song-and-dance crews, and has conveniently assembled Danity Kane.

These girls have it all — doe eyes, gams that go all the way up, and a volatile helping of latent rage. Plus, they already have matching silver-lamé cutout leotards. So, timesaver.

I know what you’re thinking; the ladies can’t exactly dance. But what they lack in dance talent, they make up for in heart. And the desire to bathe in your arterial blood.

9 thoughts on “My Gang of Street Toughs

  1. Eek. Embarrassed by them, not you:) I realize that we don’t know each other so that could totally have been offensive:)


  2. Oh man, that picture is makes me feel like a small rodent being hypnotized by vipers. *Yes…..I will sit here while you devour me slowly……how are you covering yourself up with such small amounts of cloth…….Shiny…..*


  3. I hate to break it to you and also admit I know this, but I believe that two of the members of Danity Kane left or were asked to leave, although I am sure P. Diddy is busy right now finding replacements.


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