6 thoughts on “RSS Feed

  1. fredlet

    Hey there, I noticed some weird stuff on your site when I was loading it mobile-y (yes, that is a word) but I’ll be my email got eaten by your SPAM filter… I wonder if it is related to your RSS feeds being wonky? my email is fredlet at gmail if you want to search for it, or let me know and I can resend.

  2. AS

    The feed came through in Newsgator this morning. Seems to be fixed! Hopefully it will stick :-)

  3. e

    Sarah – you’re not! I don’t see the appeal in RSS, myself, although I know some people who wouldn’t want to live without it. But then, I only have about 20 sites that I care enough about to visit daily, so I guess it’s not unwieldy enough to need a tool.

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