I’m in New York

6th April 2009

I packed for a week in a single hiking backpack. The willpower it took to bring only two pairs of shoes is on par with the strength I mustered to lose my baby weight.

On the way over to Alice’s, I felt like stopping people in the street and insisting they admire my packing skills, but everyone was busy smoking.

14 thoughts on “I’m in New York

  1. darcy

    So hard, when you go to New York, because your first inclination is to take your fashion to the next level, but you don’t want to look like a wanna be.
    Two pairs of shoes? You are a pillar of self control. I have gotten to the point where I just pack dresses when I go on vacation, that way I have more room for shoes, its a sickness.

  2. Jessica

    Serendipity: I’m not smoking and would love to admire your packing skills.

    (I have to do a week in a backpack next month and have never attempted such a feat. Would you take a photo for the clueless packer?)

  3. christina

    Thats my strategy! When I travel I always only bring 2 pairs of shoes and leave room to buy moooore shoes while I’m away. Because then I can always justify that I needed them. Muahahahaaa.

  4. Andrea

    I’m in awe of your packing skills. It’s a genetic disorder to overpack! My husband calls my suitcase Gigantor the Bag. Please share how you packed so well!!

  5. Alexandra

    You get to see Alice!! How lucky!! She is someone I know I’d love spending time with. Have a great time, laugh hard, and forget about things back home for awhile. Until that first phone call home, and you hear your wee one’s voice over the phone, and then you become a puddle of mush. Yeah, keep those calls to a minimum!! Enjoy the slice of life!!

  6. TB

    Dont you mean everyone was busy pretending they didnt see anyone in their way rushing to the gym/drinks/cinema/their date? I’m lucky I have an amazing gf who packs the way I wish I did…

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