19 thoughts on “Mighty Goods Covets

  1. elsie

    those could be more ridiculously gorgeous,
    but I don’t know how!! i love frivolous “necessities”! i think my husband deserveds one (for not ever expecting ME to do the dishes!)

  2. Kelly H

    Seriously? I mean, can we get any more frivolous?! Who BUYS this stuff? My drain is like UCK! And I have a nice updated kitchen…never thought about a decorative drain.

  3. latenac

    I don’t mind the idea of pretty drains if they’re useful, however, these don’t perform the basic purpose of a drain, from the website –

    Please note the design cut in the drain will not prevent small debris from passing through.

    Otherwise, they are beautiful.

  4. Anna

    I posted these a while back, but the sale price makes them much more tempting.

    Although the lack of actual drainage might be a dealbreaker.

  5. Sandy

    For real, man. If they actually did the job, I’d choose pretty over not any day. But since they don’t, forget it.

  6. Elise

    I agree that they are pretty, but if they don’t function (as per website) what is the point? Mighty silly, in my opinion.

  7. Maggeh Post author

    I think they’re talking about dropping an earring or a ring down, right? Which isn’t a big thing for me, because I don’t remove jewelry over drains. I mean, what are people worried about getting down their drains? Is there something I haven’t considered? Introduce me to new categories of worry, Internet!

  8. Elise

    Food debris like potato peelings, you know all the bits left over from washing, peeling or trimming fruits & vegetables over the sink. I was assuming these were drain strainers, like the typical colander/mesh type that usually are attached to the sink. Or am I missing the point and these are purely for drain decoration? If so, I’ll need a much prettier sink…

  9. latenac

    Yes food debris or hair if you decided to put them in a tub. I’m always having to empty out our kitchen drain basket. I assumed that’s what these were for. My bathroom sink drain isn’t wide enough for them and really I have no idea how it really could be used in the bathtub unless you have one of those old fashioned bathtubs in which case I think you’re back to the problem of it being too big. So back to kitchen sink. If somehow you never end up with food debris in your kitchen sink basket then this is perfect for you.

  10. Maggeh Post author

    Ah! I didn’t even think of them as strainers, I think they’re actual drains you place in the bottom of your sink, replacing the ugly perforated version. So the drain strainer would go over this, I think? But also, I was only considering it for use in our bathroom sink, which is a lovely pedestal number, over which I don’t often peel potatoes.

  11. Anne

    The picture’s not quite complete without some rotting peas, limp pasta and pearl onions stuck in the design, n’est-ce pas?

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