9 thoughts on “Little Traveler

  1. Amber

    I just read your mighty list, actually I just found your blog.
    I have done two five day bike trips, back in high school. Do it! You see what you would never see from a car. The first trip was from Sacramento up and around Clear Lake, over to Bodega Bay, then south across the Golden Gate bridge. Approximately 90 of us. The second trip was from Big Sur, inland to Santa Maria, ending at Santa Barbara. We had a truck carry our big equipment which makes the trip far less work and far more enjoyable. Do it!
    So, I only live 2 hours from the city. Give me 3 weeks notice for work (I work weekends but can get off) and I will be there with bells on, bubbles in hand.
    I have a 101 things in 1001 days list. I change it a little when I think of a better idea. Yours and the comments have got me thinking.

  2. Stacey

    I am wondering why the top of your site keeps asking me to buy viagra and cialis? The text comes up behind the Barbie ad – it’s been like this for two days, but not on any other site.

  3. Sarah

    I subscribe to your RSS feed and it hasn’t been working for several days. Might have something to do with the Viagra cialis ad at the top of the page?

  4. Annika

    That was stunningly beautiful, but I found myself getting more and more angry that we were hearing recorded music instead of her violin.

  5. Rach

    So her parents have enough money to fly her and her violin all around the world but not enough to buy her a bigger violin that actually fits her arm?

    She doesn’t look like she’s enjoying herself so much?

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