20 thoughts on “Momversation: Keep Your Marriage Fresh

  1. Alison of a Gun

    I don’t normally get into this sort of thing, but Daphne doesn’t seem to fit into the “Momversation” very well. I guess that’s the point, but she seems so unhappy and just makes me kind of sad. Farty relationships are happy ones, man!

  2. Cat

    Totally unrelated, did you know that there’s now a play about your ‘I Fuck Like A Girl’ t-shirt? The Chicago branch of the Neo-Futurist’s used it in their Valentines edition, Too Much Love Makes the Baby Go Blind. I’ve now seen your t-shirt slogan scrawled across a chalkboard and heard it yelled repeatedly.


  3. Molly

    Well done, Maggie. I agree 100% about being able to be a role model for your kid(s). Their future relationships will, for better or worse, influence their ideas about what a healthy marriage looks like.

  4. Molly

    Ergh. Sorry. What I meant to say was: Their future relationships will be modeled on what you’ve presented as the norm.

  5. Jess

    That was awesome, you’re too funny.

    PS…you looked gorgeous! Not sure if it was the makeup…clothes…hair, but it was all working! :)

  6. Ellis

    I really enjoyed Daphne’s contribution. She seems to have a dark sense of humour which I love. Keep her! Great momversation overall. (I thought the stars where uh, for a different area than the eyes).

  7. elle

    Daphne was approximately a million weeks pregnant when this was made/posted (I think she had the baby like 2-3 days later). She deserves a break.

    Funny video!

  8. Sarah

    How can someone NOT want to watch this when that’s the image they pick to freeze it at? =) As soon as I get home from work, I’m pressing play!

  9. Maggeh Post author

    Cat, thanks so much for telling me! The Chicago crew of Neo-Futurists came out for one of Adaptive Path’s conferences. I ended up going out drinking with them that night, and I gave everyone shirts the next day. I’m actually tearing up a little to hear that the slogan ended up in a play, I so wish I’d seen it. Spending time with artists makes your world a little bigger.

  10. islaygirl

    i just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how Maggie does her blush. Because apparently i’m that shallow. (And twice divorced, so any wisdom i have about keeping marriages fresh seems to involve going out and getting a new one.)

  11. MomOfDavid

    I always love the momversations, and this one was no exception. Although, I have to say (like some previous commenters) that I was a bit distracted by your fabulous shirt. Where’d you get it (if you don’t mind disclosing that info)?

  12. norm

    Our 20th anniversary is in … um … two weeks roughly (oh oh) so I was unreasonably depressed about Daphne’s comment about the kids being more important as the marriage only has so much time in it. But then you and Ms. Gone Child just *owned* the rest of the clip and I’ve been chuckling ever since.

  13. Somer

    I love the momversations and I love all of the contributors. But seriously..you are just so friggin pretty. You are the type of pretty that other women make up bad things about you so that you seem more human and less goddess.
    P.S. The next time you invest in pasties, you might want to try ones with tassles. They add that extra something special!

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