Project! Pretty Lingerie Drawer

12th February 2009

As you may recall, last summer I was bitching about uncomfortable underwear. I was feeling globally homicidal at the time, but was unable to stop pulling at my drawers long enough to pull a trigger. So G-strings are useful for something besides sex after all.

Anyway, you guys came to the rescue with a range of good suggestions, which I proceeded to try out.

A while later I saw this gem of an article in Domino (available online courtesy of DesignMom). It’s about organizing your underwear so it looks all fancy. After reading it, my disheveled pile of aging cotton made me feel even more pathetic.

I finally threw out all my ill-fitting drawers and bought a couple of these on sale:

That’s the Old Navy Women’s Mesh Hipster, and just as you promised, it’s a towering achievement in undergarments — cute, flattering, reasonably priced, comfy, no panty line, good at math. Once I’d tried them out, I went online and ordered enough to outfit the Rockettes.

The drawer organizers I found were overpriced, so I bought some ornament storage trays on clearance at the Container Store, because I am a genius.

Anyway, behold!

Are you atremble at the glory of it all? For the record, that glass full of weed is actually verbena leaves. I thought it would make the drawer smell nice, but it didn’t really, so feh.

I redid my sock drawer too:

I can’t tell you how chick-excited I am. It’s like a new-issue-of-People-and-box-of-rainbow-macaroons-from-Miette-while-I-watch-Gossip-Girl excited.

Anyway, do this for yourself. I’m surprised at how calming it is to wake up knowing I won’t have to paw through a tangle of withered elastic and granny wear.

Tomorrow, oral surgery! Enjoy my pain-killer enhanced posts for the next week or so.

34 thoughts on “Project! Pretty Lingerie Drawer

  1. MomVee

    I got a tiny tiny bar of lemon verbena soap as a lagniappe before Christmas, and it is making my panty drawer smell awesome–so you might try that.

  2. Margaret

    Chick excitement is the best. Unless you only have a dude to share it with. Yay for blogs! (and friends IRL, I guess).

  3. April

    As someone whose last underwear buy involved 7 identical pairs of American Apparel undies, this inspired me! I am loving those Old Navy hipsters—if they’re as good as you say they are I’ll buy a dozen!

  4. Kelly

    Old Navy undies are the best! I’ll admit I’m lingerie obsessed, but for everyday, they are so cute. And I have to say, they’re some of the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. And cheap! Oh, they’re great.

  5. Melissa Anderson

    I LOVE this idea! Thank you! I don’t have a container store, but I bet somewhere will have ornament organizers around here. I thought I had organized my drawers but yours put mine to shame. Thank you!

  6. tracylea

    ohhh.. this is my new goal for the weekend. A weekend in which i get to celebrate my birthday and valentines… what coule be better than a pretty panty drawer?

  7. kym b

    awesome idea (off to buy ornament storage boxes)

    and you like “gossip girl” too? is it wrong that i am old enough to be their mother (well, if i had started very early)? i really love that show….

  8. Puanani

    Oh my gosh. I just did this too. You are right, there is something so exhilarating about reaching into a tidy underwear drawer. Go figure!

  9. Corinne

    Okay, so I have to know, how do you store your bras? I have the worst trouble with this, because if I try to fold one cup inside out and double them up, they get all weird and misshapen (I wear the wireless ipex bras from VS). Your bras looked so nice and organized and not taking up all the room in the drawer.

  10. Heidi

    Weird! A friend and I just talked about doing this today, and here you are one step ahead of me as always.

  11. Lynne

    I’m a librarian. We organize…it’s how we roll. This idea? Genius. I promise I won’t alphabetize by colour when I try it.

    Also, I just had gum sugery last week for the second time. Ativan is your friend! And frozen peas. And Percocet. Hang in there!

  12. darcy

    The comments are a little slow?
    OMIGOSH, I just saw your drawers and the first thing that came to my mind was Sleeping with the Enemy…only you only get angry about ill fitting under garments right?
    I am impressed by your organization, but since I roll comando, I don’t need to organize the 4 or so pairs of underwear I keep for special (dresses/skirts) occasions..I’m a hippie I guess.

  13. Dani

    Good idea. My underware/sock drawer always looks like some sort of tragic collision between a Victorias Secret and an Argyle distributor.

  14. Cee

    Arranging your underwear drawer is nice in theory, but I have four thousand pairs of panties (so I don’t need to do laundry as often) and only one drawer.

  15. Sarah

    Those underwear are pretty cute (!), but all I can really think about is: why don’t I have that many socks? This must be why my feet are always cold…

  16. Lauren

    You inspired me to go out and buy some organizers for my panty drawer. Never occured to me before. Now I can’t wait.

  17. AmyRuby

    Oh, Miette macaroons. Although my in happy place it could be a whole box of the rose-geranium ones.

  18. The Scarlet Pervygirl

    I use small paper packs of India Temple incense in my sock and jewellery drawers. I never thought I would have great-smelling jewellery.

    In regard to Marissa’s comment about nylon fabrics and vaginal health, the vast majority of underwear–and Old Navy’s is no exception–have a cotton gusset in the crotch for just that reason. Those who are prone to vaginal infections should indeed wear cotton underwear, but for most people, the cotton lining is just fine.

  19. Misha

    i so wanted to do this when i saw it in *domino* and now i’m definitely going to give it a shot. i may make origami boxes for the dividers!

  20. emma james

    I’m trying to recover from the shock that those are Old Navy undies – so cute! I can’t believe I’ve overlooked them. I now have shopping plans for tomorrow.

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