2009? You’re My Best Friend

30th December 2008

For some reason, Christmas laid me out this year. Maybe it was because I was shopping for thousands of people. That could be it.

Anyway, by Christmas Eve, I was vibrating with the stress of all the fun things we didn’t get to, and right now I’m all achy and hunched just thinking about it. The smell of peppermint makes me feel violent.

Fortunately, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day turned out to be lovely and surprisingly laid back.

Also, a few weeks ago, I told Jordan that I had wanderlust, but a trip didn’t fit in our budget. She poked around online and found some ludicrously cheap tickets to Mexico, so we’re going there to visit the tequila.

We’ll sit around doing nothing, and then make a Margarita, and then do nothing some more. I can already tell 2009 and I are going to get along great.

8 thoughts on “2009? You’re My Best Friend

  1. Spandrel Studios

    Ah, how I wish a trip to Mexico was in my future… an escape from the cold weather would be the ultimate family gift! We spent all five days of our long holiday weekend sleeping late, visiting friends and family and having other people cook for us — which was a super treat.

  2. meg

    I feel like I should thank you officially for shopping for me, again, this year like always. I’m sitting under my MG found poster, wearing my MG found necklace, with my MG inspired McSweeny’s subscription for the better half on the bookshelf, and my MH inspired bathmat in the other room.

    Thanks Maggie! You always get us the loveliest holiday gifts. At this point, I’m not sure we could do it without you (you know, without crying from the stress)

    And Hank is just adorable. Enjoy visiting the Tequila. You deserve it.

  3. Gayla

    Oh Maggie I am right there with you. Crazy wanderlust. Need break before I go insane. Budget not calling for it. But not to be deterred I spent hours online searching for a possible trip and tonight we leave for our second trip in a year to Santiago de Cuba!

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