Elsewhere: Seven Clutches Under $35

24th December 2008

If you’re figuring out what to wear for New Year’s, or you just need a purse that isn’t the size of your torso, go have a look at the clutch roundup I just did for Target. Almost all of them are under $20, including the one pictured above, and they’re all pretty darn cute.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Seven Clutches Under $35

  1. becky

    Cute! But the problem with a clutch is that, unlike my giant hobo, it doesn’t make my butt look smaller. Maybe I could clutch two?

  2. linus

    Hello…randomly browsing blog and came by here…

    Taste durian???

    come i can bring you to a durian farm!!!!
    Linus here…from malaysia!!! i was just in san francisco last year…

    Linus =)

  3. Nick

    Can you update your store/purchases information, please? I placed an order on Dec 6th and have been trying to contact someone to find out what the situation is. Thank you!

    (e-mailed address you have listed in blog into, address associated with paypal account, and contacted paypal themselves for help)

  4. Heather B.

    It’s a shame that the Hayden Harnett collection wasn’t out when you did this. Would’ve loved your opinion on their line of clutches for Target.

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