25 thoughts on “Teenage Girls Resting Feet

  1. Puanani

    I have a photo of my daughter’s vintage tulle laden prom dress in a heap on the floor on the morning after. I think we love that photo more than the posed, pre-prom shots!

  2. Tarin

    Your voice and affectation is so annoying. I say this with a hope that you will listen. Heather? She’s saying something. You? You’re doing some fucked up shit with the words before they come out. You know what I mean. That person beside you in the cube making some horrid noise while they eat a clementine? Gutteral.

    You? Just speak, don’t hold it half in your throat before you deem it worth spewing. Just freakin say it.

    No, that’s not right. It’s the opposite. Give it a sec before you spew it. The momversation? You sound so annoying. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  3. Andrea

    Maggie, I think you’re awesome and beautiful. I like your voice and don’t change a thing. As if you ever would.

  4. M

    Whaaaa? Is anyone else as confused as I am about Tarin’s spewing of hate?

    Maggie one of the reasons I visit your site is I always get the best vibes from it. I don’t care how corny that sounds. There’s just a pure feeling of happiness behind your blog. I think you are beautiful, inside and out. I wish we were friends!

  5. Alaine

    I can’t believe this Tarin character is so cruel. You have an awesome voice! She has such pointless, hurtful commentary.

    On another unrelated note, having finally cashed in my v-card I have been been desperately wanting to purchase one of your shirts and not wear it in phony shame. Please know that there is at least one person who will order like three when you restock, but who thoroughly enjoys your website (and voice) in the meantime.

  6. Valerie

    I’m back. Just wanna say Maggie, I’m another one who loves your voice. First time I heard you (on that Louis Vuitton Journeys thing this past summer) you sounded exactly the way I thought you would.

  7. sarah

    I love the picture of the girls sans shoes!

    Your voice? I love your voice. Here’s a charitable thought:
    Maybe Tarin has had a different voice in her head as she read your words. Maybe she is experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance. I had the same experience when I first SAW Garrison Keillor. He’s not hiddeous, just different from the face I imagined attached to he voice for a number of years.

    Whatever. I got over it. Its not your problem.

  8. Elli

    Wow, I am thrilled to know about the LIFE archive on Google. It makes me love America, history, the internet and all of you all at once. le sigh.

  9. Rebekah

    What a beautiful shot – thanks for turning me onto these archives.

    I agree with M (commenter #4) – I know I don’t know you at all, but I wish we were friends, too! I love your sense of taste, and think you’re adorable. :)

  10. Asha {Parent Hacks}

    Wow — check out those reinforced toes! I haven’t seen those since I was a kid.

    Won’t dignify earlier rant with a response. Will simply say that all along I’ve thought as we’ve been doing these videos how much I enjoy hearing everyone’s voices. Your deep and quiet voice paired with a huge smile, Heather’s accent, Mindy’s expressiveness…our writings are so different from one anothers’ and our voices (clothes/hair/decor/whatever) reflect that, too. I love that counterpoint — one of my favorite side benefits of doing Momversation. Among the many — it’s such a great collaboration, all the better that you’re a part of it.

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  12. steph

    I rarely comment around here, but I think you’re adorable in Momversations. I watched the LV segment you were in, but we didn’t get to hear you speak as much. And your hair is amazing.

    Tarin, please leave. And if you are a parent, I feel bad for your kids. Your comment threw off the Alec Baldwin Douche Scale.

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