14th October 2008

If you were next to me when I was reading this week’s The Week, these are the parts I would have read to you out loud:

-Car deaths rise 18 percent on election days in The States. So maybe mail-in ballots this year.

-Ottawa is looking to pass a law that would protect people who apologize from being sued. More apologies for everyone!

-Poland may become the first country to chemically castrate pedophiles.

-A Zimbabwean soccer team took a ritual-cleansing dip in a crocodile-infested river, and one of them didn’t come back out.

-Hooman Majd, who has often translated for Iranian President Mahmud Amadenijad, says Amadenijad never said there are no gay people in Iran. Instead, he said Iran has no openly gay culture.

-Doctors are trying to help Erik Ramsey speak again. Ramsey’s body is completely paralyzed, and doctors have implanted wires in his brain that can read brain signals, which computers can then translate into speech. Rad.

16 thoughts on “GOOD MAGAZINE

  1. sinda

    I love that magazine, and I often have to read bits out loud as well – when I’m not holding it, I’m quoting it.

    That makes me sound very obnoxious, doesn’t it?

  2. Fatemeh

    Hey Maggie – Hooman Majd, Ahmadinejad’s sometimes-translator, is actually Iranian-American (he’s a citizen of the US), and only translates for him occasionally.

    He has pointed out, correctly, that the nutjob also never said he wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. The translation was incorrect. More accurately, he said he wanted Israel “off the map”, an allusion to his belief that there should be an election where all the Palestinian diaspora is allowed to vote. That would effectively turn Israel territories into Palestinian ones.

  3. Jen B.

    My husband often reads lengthy portions of “The Week” aloud from the bathroom. “Did you hear that, hon?” And if I’m not in hearing distance, he always regales me with whatever interesting thing he learned while on the toilet.

    I prefer to read “The Week” while on the couch. To each his own.

  4. amy

    a great one- I love it much like the Harper’s mag thing at the back. Love it. Thanks. I have good stuff up there now! :)

  5. Sarah

    I absolutely can NOT wrap my head around the fact that computers can now read our thoughts!! I’m torn between sending a collective thank you note to all the scientific minds who made it possible and being completely freaked out at our Brave New World!

  6. TwoWishes

    Ha, glad to hear there are other “The Week Factual Tidbit Addicts” (TWFTAs?) out there! My husband and I both read each issue, and whoever gets to it first inevitably reads all the best bits out loud to the other person…. Makes being second a bit of an anticlimax.

  7. Amy

    one, is it bad that my first reaction to the castrating thing was “good”? two, how will the doctors determine which thoughts he wants broadcasted for people to hear, and which he’d prefer to keep to himself? I know I have plenty of thoughts I’d never want anyone to translate into speech!

  8. Sarah

    I *adore* The Week and it goes with me everywhere (see Jen B’s comment). Now I’m wishing I could subscribe to the US version and read that alongside the UK version too. I’d also like a couple more hours in the day to make that possible ;-)

  9. Laura

    As an MD there are some states where an apology is tantamount to an admission of guilt. You are far better off in the United States to say, “That sucks” than to say “I’m sorry”. People expect less perfection from their computers.

  10. kym b

    a week behind, but I have been on vacation~
    I just read that issue on the plane ride home today and know every article of which you speak. I love that magazine. It is the only one I get that I actually read cover to cover every week.

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