What Are the Odds?

Holy crap. You must nominate someone for this. Only 131 people have entered so far, which means the odds of winning $5,000 of Intel equipment are currently 1 in 43. Let me put that another way. Say you’re standing in a room with only 43 people? One of you gets $5,000. Can my math possibly be correct on this? Let me know, I was an English major.

As I mentioned before, I’m amongst the judges, so I invite you to play on my heart strings. Stuff to remember:

-Deadline is October 6.
-Nominating yourself is just fine.
-Photos and video are good.
-Community votes are a factor.

I think that’s it. Now go win this, please.

6 thoughts on “What Are the Odds?

  1. Question. You know the DonorsChoose website (finslippy has a write up of it today)? Could we nominate someone on there? Like I had read about a classroom teacher that was requesting IPODs for her class so they could do the lesson plans. Would this qualify or not? Who can I ask, just wondering….


  2. Does it matter the length of the post? I am trying to write a nom for my mom and am finding myself getting wordy – I had no idea I had so much to say about her…


  3. What good timing! I nominated my brother last night as he lost almost everything in Hurricane Ike a few weeks ago. Thanks for the link. And even if he doesn’t win, it’s been fantastic to see the support he and his wife have gotten thus far.


  4. um.. if the little lambs don’t win, then something’s very, very wrong. How do you expect us to compete with little lambs?


  5. Leticia and Aisha, here are your answers from the contest folks:

    1. Nominating someone from Donors Choose makes things a little too tricky with the contest rules. Please don’t let that dissuade you from reaching out directly to teachers in your community. You can nominate them or have the nominate themselves.

    2. No word limit–and don’t forget that you can add photos and video too. Do your worst.


  6. Hi Maggie! I nominated myself. I couldn’t quite get myself to take pictures of my delapatated desk top, it is just too humiliating. But! Now I have hope! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    (hope, hope!)




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