Most Public Index

Say, I’m included in NowPublic’s MostPublic Index, their take on the most influential folks in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Their criteria for selecting people are interesting, and actually has a lot to do with all of you, so scroll down past the list of links to see how they decided.

In the meantime, if you need me to influence anyone, you know how to reach me.

18 thoughts on “Most Public Index

  1. Can you influence this baby boy in my belly to come out a little early? Or at least on time? Because the last time I did this the girl was 11 days late and that SUCKED. He’s due to appear in 3 weeks, fyi. So you might want to start your magic. K. Thx.


  2. Well done! I think you should be even higher (and holy smokes, no women until #15!) but I see they give significant weight to video presence.


  3. Yes. Can you please make those people on the other end of the phone at the airlines understand what the HOLY HELL I’m talking about when I say, “There are two adults. And two kids. We need seats with one adult sitting with one child. Two sets of two seats together.”

    Apparently that’s not clear enough.

    Congrats! This calls for wine.


  4. I have a problem with this snippet from their website, which appears when you click on Margaret Mason in the most public index:

    “This account has been set up for Margaret Mason by NowPublic because he is a member of the Most Public Index for Silicon Valley.”

    Perhaps you should enlighten them about the use of the word “he”


  5. Cool! Are you famous enough yet that I can sell
    childhood photos of you to the paparazzi? That
    video of you singing could bring in a pretty penny!


  6. Wow! Now maybe I have some hope that someone with influence can get my son to pick up the shytte he leaves around the house all the time. Or? Maybe you and Guy Kawasaki could talk and let me on Alltop? That would be good, too.


  7. Well, I’ve always found you to be wonderfully influential, BUT: criteria ARE; criterion IS.

    Please forgive me. I’m an out-of-work editor going crazy trying to find a job, and I’m reduced to nitpicking my favorite blogs…


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