10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. MontanaJen

    I adore clocks as well. When I was traveling across the country with a theatre group, I would wake up in a new state each week. To help my body feel some sense of familiarity with my sleeping surroundings, I bought a wind-up tick tock alarm clock with glow in the dark numbers and hands.

    For years after the job ended, I couldn’t sleep without the sound. Also, when the power flickers and my multitude of digital appliances are flashing 12:00 12:00 12:00, I still know what time it is and don’t miss my morning coffee date! Bonus!

  2. MomVee

    The Moonbeam alarm clock looks awesome, I agree. But never make the mistake of using the blinking light alarm function. As long we did, I awoke every morning from a dream about nuclear holocaust, or going blind, or looking directly into the sun.

  3. greta

    i have the moonbeam! i have mixed feelings about it. i love the blinking light wake-up (never had the resulting nightmares that MomVee mentions above). but i hate that the light starts about 10 minutes before the time you set it for, and that the snooze only lasts a blasted 5 minutes. and i hate too that if you should happen to sleep right through the light, for example on a sunny summer morning, then you are woken with a threatening buzzing sound (not the pleasant tone that was advertised when I purchased it). but damn you moonbeam, you look so cool that i just can’t stop using you.

    sorry, apparently i’ve been needing someplace to vent about this clock. :)

  4. Lisa Marie

    Comrade, I’m glad you feel my pain. I’m currently looking for something sedate which will allow me to wake to my iPod. I doubt this is possible.

    Additionally, I believe my boyfriend has a Commie clock, too. Children’s style. It, too, does not work.

  5. rah

    Isn’t it JC Penney (two e’s)? Since you’re writing for them and promoting their clocks, thought you might want to check. :)

  6. Nicole

    I have the Moonbeam clock too. It is great for winter, because I could a) sleep through winter and b) I always have trouble with the whole waking in the dark thing.

    The alarm is jarring, yes. But again, I could sleep through an earthquake, so for me it works. Though I do occasionally switch it out for a radio alarm clock. Amazingly, I sometimes sleep through the light AND the loud as all get out buzzer of the Moonbeam. So I use the radio to keep it unpredictable.

  7. Iridesce

    After reading that post, I looked back up at the photo, thinking Hm, I don’t remember seeing that Communist Ballerina clock, only one with Superman in shorts and some dude wearing his cape! But now I see. Wow. What a find.

    I’m partial to this one, as a candidate for COVET: The Night Clock.

  8. Tonya

    You know, I desperately need a new alarm clock. Mine will no longer let me change the time on the alarm. I get up at 5:30 or I don’t. Simple.

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