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9th July 2008

This week, Design Mom and Kirtsy Founder Gabrielle Blair is our genius Guest Editor at Mighty Junior. She really went above and beyond, so check in to see what she’s coveting this week.

In other news at the mighties, Melissa just finished up the Go Play Outside! Backyard Guide, and I’m working on aWedding Guest Dresses for Under $100 feature at Mighty Goods. Which, by the way? Was harder than anyone expected. Why are dresses so expensive? Yikes.

19 thoughts on “Mighty Update

  1. Kizz

    Maggie, while you guys are doing guides could I make a request, please? I am FAR behind on my graduation gift buying and I’m at a loss. I’ve got a guy who got his GED and is headed…er…somewhere perhaps Colorado, a girl graduating from HS and headed to college and a girl graduating from college heading to a job in France. I HAVE NO EASY ANSWERS! I’m stumped and I can use all the help the Mighty Team can give, please.

  2. latenac

    Thanks for the Go Play Outside Guide. Due to having to have our septic mound rebuilt this summer our swing set has become a casualty so the guide has come in handy to soften the blow on our 4 year old.

    And if you’re taking requests I’d love a guide for updating a preschooler’s room to make that transition from nursery to kids room preferably on the cheap.

  3. Meg

    Not harder then I expected, sadly. And so it goes with bridesmaid dresses. And who wants to pay or ask your poor friend to pay $350 for a stupid bridesmaid dress, no matter HOW cute it is?

  4. Cher

    Why ARE dresses so expensive. I get invited to so many weddings, its outragious and they never have the same color schemes or dress codes. Can’t wait to read your post.

  5. c

    two words, actually one word, one number: forever 21. you have to weed out the tacky stuff as well as survive the actual 21 year olds shopping in there, but it is a goldmine for dresses that can look super expensive with the right accessories. i bought a twenty dollar dress there once and wore it to several weddings. i got multiple compliments at each wedding AND people guessed, “anthropologie?” and even one “nanette lepore?” i swear by it. but, i must again emphasize the importance of proper accessorizing.

  6. Aisha

    I saw the start of the dresses yesterday and my first thought was ‘oh, thank god!’ My boyfriend was invited to a wedding next month and (assuming we go) I’m supposed to be his plus one. The last time I went to a wedding was… at least thirteen years ago. The dress code was majorly different then.

    You rock Maggie!

  7. Clair

    Just bought a beautiful dress at Dress Barn (my first trip there ever, and only because I saw the dress in the window) for $40, which I will wear to two weddings this summer. The dress I wore to the past four weddings was only $60 at Macy’s, plus some alterations because it was a little long. It takes a lot of looking, but it can be done. Thanks for taking some of the challenge out of it. Now we can put that effort towards the wedding gifts. What do you get a couple who already has two of everything?

  8. Nancy

    Went to Sears in search of a shower gift, and walked, quite by accident, into the dress department. There was a sale going on. I came out without a shower gift, but I scored two dresses for $50. Yay, me.

  9. Lori

    Thanks for the link to delightful Francesca’s. That recommendation allowed me to chew up an hour’s time that I would have spent working.

  10. Carrie Oliver

    Maggie, it took a decent amount of time but for my wedding, I was able to find fabulous dresses for my 3 stepdaughters by shopping on eBay. The average for the three was under $100. One was a David Meister, one a BCBG, and the other Jones New York. All were brand new with a full retail value north of $800. Best thing is that they worked as bridesmaid dresses for me and a friend’s wedding two days later.

    The thing that took the most time was trying to figure out sizing – there is no uniformity amongst designers and several of us have similar measurements but very different body shapes.

  11. Julie

    Maggie – THANK YOU for introducing me to Alloy on Mighty Goods! I had never found them on the Internet, and don’t have a store down here in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC. I saw the cute little cranberry wedding attendee dress on Mighty Goods and went to take a look..and found so many amazing, absolutely affordable clothes. I will be making a big purchase soon, much to my husband’s displeasure.

    Again, thanks for Mighty Goods and for introducing us “out here” to all the hip and cool things that are out there that we don’t have access to or necessarily the time to seek out. I’ve bought so many things that have been featured on Mighty Goods for myself and others.

    Keep up the amazing work.


  12. JennC

    Thanks for including some plus-size finds! Last year was a wedding year for me – one friend, one family – I was lucky enough to be able to wear one dress to both; a really cute chocolate brown and turquoise wrap dress from Target. I can still wear it this year, too – perfect for a night out with a boy. Or the girls!

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