15 thoughts on “Now Where Can I Get Baby Fishnets?

  1. latenac

    Have to admit if I had a boy, yes “heelarious”, since I have a girl, not so much.

  2. Lori

    I actually had to look at the website to make sure these “boot”ies weren’t made for walking. There is a picture of a 6mo wearing them. Not heelarious.

  3. Judy

    Awesome. My baby Henry sent the link to his 8 month old girlfriend. He likes his baby girls nice and hoochy. haha

  4. steph

    yeah, that’s just weird. Maybe for halloween (or like you said – Hank’s coming out in the Castro!), but in general… Being the mother of a little girl, I don’t much appreciate everybody’s attempts to make them grow up quite so fast. Girls’ clothes are entirely too hoochie anyway.

  5. daisy

    He would have been a total hit. And the Castro would’ve been the place to do it. Nowhere else can you revel quite so completely in the idiocy that is the stilettoed heal (and yes I’ve got a pair, and wear them on occasion, but seriously..) except with cross dressers.

  6. Dani

    Okay I’ll be the lone voice of approval. I love shoes. I’ve got many pairs of quite sexy stiletos that I wear all the time & I’ve got a 6 moth old daughter. I totaly want these & would put em on her. Yes as a joke because they are ludicrous. I bought her a Guns N Roses onsie before she was even born for the same reason. In another year or so she’s going to start asserting her own tase so I’m gonna enjoy the limited oprtunity I have to foist my tase on a helpless baby.

  7. Carrie

    I blogged my disgust over these already, so I’ll keep it to this: How would you have made it clear that Baby Hank was actually a boy? Itty bitty leather codpiece? Otherwise, people pretty much know girl babies from boy babies by the clothes, no?

  8. annie

    Ick! If you have a baby girl and want to “doll” her up, fine. But do it with ribbons and lace and lots of pink, not with high heels.

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