22 thoughts on “Hip to Be Square

  1. Linda

    Funny, I usually dance with my little-girl self inside me!

    But I did see a friend from grade school a while back and we used to have a dance to “Candy Girl” by NKOTB and well we did it for our husbands and it was just as fun at 30!

  2. dana wyzard

    Not to change the subject here, but could you tell me how you embed a video so that your visitors don’t have to leave the page to see the video?

  3. milk&honey

    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only happy crier out here; this one did it for me too. Although, I need to learn to either can it or let the tears flow, because my current plan, the one where I try really, really hard not to cry, gives me a bitchin’ headache.

  4. Raych

    That was amazing. Her little-girl self had some groovin’ moves, I gotta say.

    This video always makes me SO DAMN HAPPY, and I always cry a little bit at the end:

  5. amy

    That was lovely! Thanks for sharing. I seriously need to do cool shit like that. The world and the creativity in it amazes me daily. xo

  6. christine

    WOW. that was the sweetest thing i have seen in a while. amazing how well those wee, little girl moves from 1987 were so damned MODERN in 2008. lovely. and yeah, i cried a little….. i have a 14 month old baby girl so i happy cry a lot these days.

  7. Alison

    Hehe, love the part where the white jacket gets dragged by her foot. My sister and I used to dance around the living room to “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. There’s GOTTA be a tape of that somewhere.

  8. sarah

    That was great! She had it down to the last little detail too. I actually laughed out loud and man, that girl can kick!

  9. Kiala

    Okay, I totally didn’t believe you about it being the happy cry making…so much so that I waited an entire day to watch it.

    You were right.


    I admit it.

  10. Julie

    Reminds me of every slumber party I went to where making up dances was a required activity. Followed by Beauty Pageant and calling cute boys and hanging up.

  11. paula in ohio

    Thank you for posting that! I just spent the last hour finding more videos from my former college dance department (SMU) and it brought back a lot of memories. I still teach dance to this day and love to watch my 6-y-o daughter dance around. I’m may have to “borrow” this idea for her future! ;)

  12. Cate

    At first I couldn’t possible imagine why this would make anyone happy cry.

    And then it got to about a minute into the video and I thought about all the things it could mean and symbolize and then I was off.

    I absolutely love this. Thank you!

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