Bay Area Secret Menus

1st May 2008

We visited the Presidio Social Club last night and it turns out the restaurant has a secret menu. I did a little research when we got home and found this interesting secret menu PDF of other restaurants in the Bay Area that also have tricks up their sleeves. I especially want to try the Swan Oyster Depot’s sashimi plate.

Here’s one for national chains. Do any of you know of similarly comprehensive lists for other big cities?

10 thoughts on “Bay Area Secret Menus

  1. MontanaJen

    Secret short cuts.

    Secret hole in the wall bars.

    Secret lovers.

    Now I have to worry about menus?!?! sheesh…this is exhausting.

  2. Meg

    When I was just 14 or so, I used to go to a secret bar, and I would be given very small secret drinks. It’s funny, because Zeitgeist reminds me a lot of that bar.

  3. Beth

    The Dirty Dozen at the PSC is to freaking die for. We were told the secret after flirting with our waitress.

    Flirting always, always pays off. Always.

    (Note: Flirting as used here to describe harmless flirting that one does with near strangers to imply we’re all friends here, not sexual predator-type flirting that makes everyone uncomfortable.)

  4. Gloria Chen

    One large part about being Chinese is that we like to eat and have long drawn out family dinners either at home or out. One perk about being my father’s daughter is his nack of befriending Chinese restaurant chefs. He is always able to order delicious dishes that are not anywhere on the menu. However, the disadvantage is I never know how to order when I eat at Chinese restaurants without him! Pooh!

  5. Kim

    I love this idea. I think I might start sleuthing around to see if some of my favorite Seattle restaurants have a “secret menu”. Very fun!

  6. John

    I’m on the other end of the country in Baltimore. This post is, of course, getting me hungry. It’s making my head swim with all the restaurants I am going to now have to investigate to find their secret menus. It’s exciting and tiring all at the same time! :)

    I love your book BTW, though I have a serious bone to pick with HChamp in Idea #1 (inward-facing toilet paper, BAH!). Funny book you have there!

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