Classsic Stationery Wardrobe

10th April 2008

The Mighty Goods Classic Stationery Wardrobe is up, and ready for your perusal. I warn you in advance, it’s all rather staid. The fun guide is coming next week, so if you’re more interested in color and cards, keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, choose your dream wardrobe of calling cards, casual flats, and creamy letterhead, engraved with your very own name. Your friends will be awash in letters.

9 thoughts on “Classsic Stationery Wardrobe

  1. Meg

    This story is not exagerated. I put down “Miss Manners: On (painfully proper) Weddings” to check my email. Saw mighty goods, and I might have started hyperventilating from excitement. I too have wanted a stationary wardrobe since I discovered them! I need to get the calling cards immediately so I can use the folded down corner codes! I really want “informals,” and I’m sad you don’t have them listed.

  2. kati

    Thank you so, so much for mentioning! I don’t think your first selections are staid at all! I look forward to your bright stationery post.

  3. robin

    I may have joined the Facebook group “I judge you when you use poor grammar,” but I *do* normally restrain myself from correcting strangers (and family, and friends). But from what I know of you via your blog, Maggie, I know you care about correctness!

    So , uh, just FYI, “stationary” in the title of this post should be spelled “stationery.” With an e.

    Otherwise, nerds like me will read the title in their RSS feeds and waste several minutes wondering what would be in a stationary wardrobe … chains around your ankles? Concrete blocks on your feet?



  4. Sheila

    So I guess I am old enough now that writing my e-mail address on the back of my Carl’s Jr. receipt is no longer acceptable. **sigh**

    Thanks, Maggie!

  5. david

    good god. the amount of money these places charge is unreal. $300+ for cards? you’d make a bigger impression buying a set of cheap ones for $10 and wrapping five dollar bills around them.

    you’d save money too!

  6. Lori

    What I love so much about your gift guides is the diversity you share with your readers. I’ve purchased many things that I discovered thanks to your good work on Mighty Goods. This is the first time, however, where I felt your list was totally out of my reach…and a bit pretentious. I love that you list high end things that are fun to look at, but it’s way more fun when you include more things in my middle range budget. Thanks, Maggie.

  7. Maggeh Post author

    It’s so funny, people seem to be adoring or totally hating the classic guide. Oh, Internet, you fickle mistress.

    Anyway, please keep reading this week, as we’re doing the fun stationery wardrobe. Last week was aspirational, this week is all affordable stuff. Also, next year at SxSW, I’m wrapping my Moo cards in five-dollar bills. Look for me, David!

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