Tiny Project

28th December 2007

I just saw this short video by Sean Ohlencamp who captured 365 days of his desktop–via Kottke. Oddly, it had never occurred to me to use every element on my desktop to make it beautiful (including the icons).

Is your desktop lovely? Mine was not, but I took a few minutes this morning and made it nice. (The photo is by Heather Champ). You should do it too, as it will make your day more lovely. If you do, will you do a screen capture and tag it “desktopahh” on Flickr? That way, we can all see the results here, and that will be fun.

13 thoughts on “Tiny Project

  1. Jules

    Because I’m a designer, my first few jobs were at small NYC firms where we rotated work stations (based on what stage of the project you were in; color correcting, scanning, keying type, etc); which dictated that nothing be left about willy-nilly and everything be filed away or it was your ass on the line for misplacing the blue chip client’s airbrushed ad campaign…. so I’m pretty good about keeping my desktop at home free & clear of folders/documents. HOWEVER, I absolutely love the idea of making what does sometimes slip through the cracks more of an installation of art than just a big old mess. Kudos!
    House of Jules

  2. courtney

    I saw this on kottke earlier this week and thought the same thing. I think what I also liked was that it was almost animating as he added files that would complete lines and shapes. I went to my desktop right away and did the same thing!

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  4. kimblahg

    I rarely see my laptop’s desktop. I keep so many windows open at all times and don’t shut it down very often that i have to look to remember what is there. i like the idea though.

  5. kerflop

    I added mine – I obsessively clean off my desktop completely. If you’d like to further beautify your icons, you might like to try CandyBar – linked on one of my screenshots, to change the system icons in your dock.

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